You can’t do it all, there I said it. You are welcome!

I found myself saying “I didn’t put my career on the back burner, I put it on the front burner just on simmer.” Isn’t that the truth? No way can you do a poor job at your work, but you have different priorities right now because of that sweet pooping-machine of a baby. I have felt the pull to do more, be more, achieve more…and then I step into my house and hear the sweet giggle (and ear-piercing screams) and it all kind of doesn’t matter anymore. But that is not the truth either. While you may joke over drinks that your job is just a paycheck, we have a lot to offer our employers and get a lot from working. It’s a dilemma that I have weekly some months, and I know you do too.  So what is a smart, savvy, driven, uber-multitasking, make-the-planet-rotate-around-the-sun goddess like you to do?!

Well, here is what I’ve come to know and practice in my own life. It’s about balance, being fully in each moment, and strategically saying no.

Balance to me is about allotting the appropriate amount of time to each task or area of your life, going fully present in the moment, and moving on WITHOUT guilt, attachment, shame or any other emotion. I can’t cure your Mom-Guilt with a single blog post…wouldn’t that be sweet. But I can give you permission, to say “I can’t do it all.”  As soon as I embraced that statement and then rephrased it as a positive my view of myself as a wise mom, and strong woman improved dramatically!

So how does one get balance? You are conscious in the moment. Are you on FaceBook while you are walking your child at the park? Crap, I’m raising my hand. We gotta pick and choose our multi-tasking time, we cannot use our powers for evil. Be fully in the moment, momma! Here is one way to do that.  The mindful listening technique is so easy, your kids will FEEL like you listened and the best part is that you truly have. Here’s how it goes…So when your child is talking to you, repeat every word in your head as she says it. My attention is fully on her and I find my eyes are brighter, I care more and I enjoy hearing about her tiny magical life so much more.

The third one is Strategically SAY NO. We DO TOO MUCH. Our weekends are crazy, not to mention trips to Costco, Target…can they please create a TARGETCO so I don’t have to go to two stores on the weekends?! Anywho, we have to decide what REALLY is important and only do those things. Say NO to the next kids party. The only thing I always say yes to…is my passion, my bliss. It’s so easy to forget about what lights you up inside when you are a busy momma.  But it’s AS important as food or air to your inner wellbeing. More on THAT topic in future blogs.

I’m a working mom myself so I get to work on my passion,ThriveMomma, after the kids go to sleep. So I’m saying NO to staying up any later to write this post. Leave a comment below…how are you able to balance it all? What is on your front burner but on simmer?

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