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Weekly planning advice

June 9th, 2015 | no comments


imageLet’s talk weekly planning! One of the biggest areas a busy mom can tackle is #sundaynight planning. This is where you sit and look at your calendar, understand which days will be busy, when you can cook, and when there is free time. But the planning process is not a control thing. It won’t make you bossy, or bitchy or whatever. Just the opposite. It will empower, relive stress and actually free up time that you would have wasted rushing around. I’m not saying plan EVERYTHING and I’m not saying you, as the mother, have to decide what your family does all the time. it’s about knowing what’s going on in your busy life as much as possible (life happens), learning new ways to delegate/say no/outsource so you have enough energy to deal with the important stuff. Important stuff like your health, your relationship with your partner and the kids. {Notice the order of the previous sentence.} So for the mamas that are resisting the Sunday night planning, think of it this way: NOT knowing leads to more stress and anxiety. Not pretty. Sitting down for 10-20 min each week is SOOOO worth it! So ➡️ is weekly planning on your calendar for this Sunday night?!?!? #newmom #maternityleave #badasstimesavings #mealplanning #mom #sandiegomom #timemanagement #organized

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