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For thinking:

This is an excerpt from one of my favorite daily inbox goodies, The Hustle.  If you haven’t heard of it you’re missing out; it’s a great way to get smarter in approx. 5 minutes a day which is just about the amount of time I have in a day to dedicate to getting smarter.  This is how The Hustle Team defines themselves:

Your smart, good looking friend that sends you an email each morning with all the tech and business news you need to know for the day.

Why ‘don’t let ’em see you sweat’ is bullsh*t

Here’s a hot take in the world of “fake it till you make it”: It’s OK to try.

And it’s OK to let people know that actually, you’re trying really, really hard.

A few weeks ago in San Francisco, I went to a show for a band called Smut. They’re a DIY noise pop band from Cincinnati (and if that’s not the hippest sentence I’ve ever typed I’ll eat my vintage jean jacket).

After the show, I complimented the band on their set and — instead of responding with “cool” or “awesome” or “wanna buy a T-shirt?” — all the guitarist said was, “Thanks, we’re trying really hard.”

It wasn’t sad or apologetic; it wasn’t a complaint; it was just honest. And it was maybe the coolest thing he could’ve said.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot.

I’m not saying we should all be whining about how hard our lives are to anyone who’ll listen.

I’m just saying that “effort” doesn’t have to be a dirty word; that we shouldn’t have to pretend that we were born charming and successful and knowledgeable for others to respect us; and that showing a human amount of perspiration during the race doesn’t lessen the victory.

This is just to say, we didn’t just walk out of the womb writing business news, we actually tried pretty hard — and we’re putting our backs into it again this week, just like all the others before it.

It might only be Monday, but between you and me, I’m already sweaty.

— Lindsey Quinn, Managing Editor of The Hustle

My perspective:

I was thinking about this all day on Monday.  I can’t remember the last time I was honest about the amount of work I was putting into the things that matter to me:  being a wife, being a mother, being an employee, being fit and healthy — each one singularly take A LOT of effort never mind when they’re combined!  Does anyone else find themselves minimizing the amount of effort they put into their successes?

Here’s my truth:  My day starts at 4:30am (yes, 7 days a week).   It’s jammed with high effort activities related to a combination of the following:  fitness-ing, wife-ing, momm-ing and working until 7:30pm (if math isn’t your jam – that’s 15 hours)  at which point I drop the momm-ing bit (kid fed, bathed and in bed) and dedicate my remaining energy (what is left of it) into wife-ing and working (P.S.  these two activities rarely harmonize but luckily ThriveDaddy is both supportive of my career and busy with his own career).

In summary — it takes a lot of effort and it’s hard work.

Much respect to Ms. Quinn and point taken.  Also, sign up for the Hustle.  You won’t regret it.

For Christmas:

Yep, Christmas.  If you aren’t ready, bookmark this page and come back to it when you’re on board.

Did you know that Amazon has an entire section of their website dedicated to products handmade by artisans?  Cause I didn’t. They actually have a stringent application process that ensures that products are genuinely handmade.  There’s something wonderful about supporting a artisan that just makes me feel good inside but getting to the local market doesn’t always fit into nap schedules, work schedules, playdate schedules, etc.

If I never saw another ugly plastic toy it would be too soon, and, yes, my living room is littered with them and, yes, my kid loves them so no judgement coming from this direction.  I’ve scoured the site (maybe bought a few things) and compile a list of some of the coolest artisans that are making the most beautiful toys:

Banner Toys, LLC:

“We create handcrafted wooden toys for babies and children from our workshop in the heart of Iowa.  Each wooden toy is created with the intention of letting imagination thrive in children. Playing with modern wooden toys can inspire children to use their imagination and to develop their mind in a way that toys with manual’s will not.”

  • Wooden Baby Rattle:  In love with the custom and engraved baby rattle.  It comes in a variety of states.  This is a keep sake that will be stand the test of time.
  • Deluxe Alphabet Blocks:  I have a serious case of nostalgia when it comes to wooden blocks and these are perfect
  • Miniature Sight Word Matching Game:  Memory games are timeless and so are these wooden tiles.

Stay tuned next week when I’ll feature another awesome handmade artisan!

For the heart:

Rachel Platten’s new song and music video “You Belong” came across my inbox via The Bump.  I was forewarned to grab tissues.  I did not grab tissues.  I had to redo my makeup.  The song is beautiful, the lyrics are beautiful and the video is wow.  I watched the video and felt myself reliving all of those amazing magical moments of pregnancy.

Rachel is a must follow on Insta as she documents the good, the bad and the ugly of pregnancy.

For peace of mind:

Ever find yourself feeling guilty about hiring help around the house or ordering takeout?  If so, don’t.  A study published by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (which I read about in an article in Working Mother) says that working adults are happier when they dish out a little cash for services that free up their time, allowing them to have more time with their kids and have more time for themselves.

Want to try the theory on for size?  Try Handy.  One of my favorite apps for booking a variety of household services (Home cleaning, hiring a handyman, etc).  I use it for home cleaning and have for about a year.  I’ve established a relationship with a wonderful Pro and the app tells me when my next booking is (it allows you to automatically book on a schedule) and when the Pro is arriving and has finished.  It also handles all of the payment plus allows you to leave a tip.  Sign up now and get $40 off your first booking!

Speaking of help around the house!  I’ve been experimenting with a laundry service called Freshly Folded.  Stand by.  I’ll be reviewing this service next week.  Laundry services — are they worth it?  According to the above study, they might be!

Here’s some other buzz that caught my attention this week:

Only 1 career in America pays women more than men:  We’ve made progress but we have a ways to go.

Serena Williams’ Post-Kid Living Room Realization is So Freaking Relatable:  I probably felt too much satisfaction after reading this.

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