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For health:

 Flu season is upon us — yes, even in Southern California, we have a flu season.  We are a people driven soft by 359 days of sunshine and temperatures that hoover in the 72 degree range most of the year.  Most of the country can, deservedly, roll their eyes at us; but I digress. Flu season is upon us! Those flu like symptoms started to creep up on me last week — sore throat, head that feels like there is a brick in it, etc.  Twice a day this week I have replaced my soothing, delicious, hot herbal tea with a cayenne pepper tea; this tea is neither soothing nor delicious but when I drink I swear I can feel germs meeting their demise with every sip.  Cayenne is packed full of antioxidants including vitamin A and vitamin C and has been shown to reduce inflammation which has a direction impact on overall health.

    • See article that explains this in a much better way than I ever could.  This article also shares side effects and safety concerns.  I am NOT, nor do I claim to be, a medical professional of any sort.  I am an accountant and a person that using this recipe from time to time when she feels a cold coming on.  That is all.
    • My recipe
      • Hot water
      • Teaspoon of cayenne pepper (Cayenne is aggressive; you have been warned.  Work up to the full teaspoon or add extra honey to kill the burn of the spice a little)
      • Honey
      • Lemon juice
For inspiration:
Notorious RBG Book Cover
The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Head to the Thrive Momma Must Read post to see my thoughts on Ruth Bader Ginsburg in my book review of Notorious RBG:  The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg


For change:

Lit up sign - stand up

Photo by Louis Smit on Unsplash

Complaining does very little but turn us into curmudgeons.  I’m a firm believer that if you don’t like something, you should change it.  One of the ways we can evoke change is by voting. The Skimm, one of my favorite sources for daily news, in partner with No Excuses, a nonpartisan campaign aiming at getting 100,000 people to the polls this November, has built “Your Ballot Cheat Sheet”.  It’s super simple. Put in your address and, magic, your ballot is built. The site also has research tools to help you become an informed voted. Use this. Seriously.

For wealth:  

Instacart raised $600 million this week.  That’s a big number. Automation is here to stay and this is nothing new to the working mom.  Check out the full article here.   

P.S. Finimize is one of my go to’s for financial news!

How is automation helping your life?  Comment below!

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