Three ‘ations’ of a happy marriage

Three ations of happy marriage

It’s father’s day this week and it’s about time to recognized my thriveman! He is the inspiration behind this week’s blog. We always joke that we have the:

“Three ‘ations of a Happy Marriage”

In a conversation over some wine before kids (remember what it was like to have a conversation?!) we said that the keys to a happy marriage are COMMUNICATION and VACATION. But then my hubby Mike said “and FORNICATION”.  While it totally cracked me up to have the third one, it’s so spot on. So let’s break it down:

Communication: Open and judgment-free communication allows for a trusting relationship to blossom. If you don’t have trust you don’t have much. And the perks of marriage is that you have a trusted partner who you feel free to share your highs, lows and in-betweeners — you feel so safe and loved.

The other part of good communication is good listening. And I find that when he is listening, like really listening and not just waiting to talk next, I feel so validated and once again loved. Check out a cool communication game from my post to test out our fab active listening skills, yo.

Vacation. Nuff said. Vacations break up the monotony of everyday life and let you reconnect, reset and relax. Your mindset changes on vacation. When you are tourist or a visitor you are more curious, observant, chilled out and patient. You may go with the flow or delight in detours. But most importantly you are deliciously in the moment enjoying LIFE. And when you are on that wave you feel appreciation for everything from a good cup of coffee, to the majestic oaks to the warm hug from your man.

Fornication. Nuff said again. In our busy lives making connections of all kinds with our man is what it’s all about. Like tending to your veggie garden, you must water frequently to harvest. We can’t expect to have a thriving marriage if we neglect our men.

So on this fathers day week I raise my green juice glass to my loving, super supportive, hot drummer, wonderful daddy, rockin’ provider and incredible partner MIKE! I love you and thank you for being you!

Have I left out any ‘ations’? Let me know in the comments below.

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