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So when I was on a walk during my “must get away” moments last weekend and I was simply loving being out there in nature. It was totally recharging me and I just couldn’t believe, why I didn’t do this everyday (or at least every week, just being real)?!  I was looking beyond my path out to big blue yonder and seeing how small the world was from atop the mountain I was conquering. I realized that the problems that I felt in my house felt so big there, but as soon as I’m far away looking down from my mountain, they seem so trite and surmountable. What a healing perspective, what a lovely departure from my normal life.

Finding some inspiration on a morning hike
Finding some inspiration on a morning hike

Why didn’t I do this cleansing walk everyday, for goodness sake?! Because in order to get to the top of clarity mountain I gotta get out the door for something called….EXERCISE. So I decided, I’m reframing exercise (because that word  brings up so much past failures) and calling it…inspiration hike, freedom run, or bliss walk. And as soon as I did that, man, I felt so GOOD about exercising, scratch that…freedom walking. Changing how I am looking at stuff didn’t stop at that. I’ve been cutting the chords with other areas of my life and creating whole new ways of looking at them with surprisingly wonderful results.

Here are some more things that used to bring me down, so now I’ve reframed them from lame to love:

  • Tears are not “sign of weakness”, they are a release. They let me know something important is happening.
  • When my monkey mind (negative self-talk, doubting, judging) is going full force, I know I’m on the verge of some big change. Our ego tries to keep us small and safe. So when Debbie Downer voice is raging, I know I must push through.
  • Aches in my body were not me “getting older” but rather an indicator system that I’m out of balance and I need to rest, or be creative, or move my body, or laugh, etc.
  • The most surprising of all and very timely…at the beginning signs of getting sick I say to myself “thank you body”, “great! My body is doing what it was meant to do and resist the cold”. The scratchy throat is not a sign of sickness it’s my body doing what it should. It has worked so far in this cold season. Give it a try!
  • This one is a bit lame but makes me feel great…I talk to myself the way I talk to my kids. I say “good night sweetie” or “good morning my love” to myself. Filling my head with love has completely changed my mental state and I fall asleep so happy.
  • Mom guilt (i.e feeling bad if you aren’t there, feeling ants that you gotta do something else) is not a burden, it’s a
  • I invest in myself, I don’t treat myself. A massage becomes a Dr. prescribed, necessity not some luxury that I want. Taking this POV has made actual treats like ice cream less relevant and less satisfying.
  • Work is not work, it’s a way for me to be in service to others. When I approach work or volunteering with a sense of service then all I do is for the betterment of the team. It’s not about me and what I can get out of the situation it’s about what good can I bring to their lives and to the situation. I know this sounds lame but it has made anything I do more enjoyable and a delightful challenge…instead of WORK.

What is one area of your life you dread or that sucks your energy? What different words can you use when you talk about it? What will your reframe from lame to love!

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