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Embracing the imperfection of motherhood, one tantrum at a time
Embracing the imperfection of motherhood, one tantrum at a time

What is more imperfect then a working mom’s life! Crying babies, banana smear on your shirt, thinking about how to get your kid to sit still at dinner at a restaurant.  99% of my Halloween pics from this year pretty much look like this one, but only post the good 1% on Facebook.

But I heard a quote that said: “embrace life as perfectly, imperfect”. Hot damn! The bed is perfectly unmade and the toys are perfectly strewn across the floor. It made me think about how much pressure we put on ourselves to get all the stuff done. And what is perfection anyways?  Life is so fleeting that as soon as we could possibly achieve perfections, someone presumably under 3 feet tall armed with a crayon will mess it up. We spend so much time and energy to only achieve imperfection that I can’t imagine how much effort perfection would take?!! So that’s it, I pledge to be perfectly imperfcet. And yes, I left that typo in there on purpose J.  If you think about it…we find imperfection endearing?  Crazy messy curls on a kid’s head, the lop-sided tree in your front yard, or beauty marks are great examples. So why are we so hard on ourselves when we are not “perfect”?  We love and adore our kids who embrace imperfection on a daily basis…we have a lot to learn from those tikes. Take one of my fave song “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke and Pharrell.  The line that cracks me up is  “You wanna hug me. What rhymes with hug me?” He couldn’t find something to rhyme with “hug me” and he’s cracking up while singing it. I’m laughing along with him laughing at himself. That is some sexy  vulnerability right there! I believe the way surrender to the imperfection is to come clean. So here I go.  My minivan has a staaaank that I can’t find (yes I drive a swagger wagon!), there are mystery stains on every furniture and synthetic surface in my house and I admit to the fact that I WILL demolish any cookie that is within 10 feet of me. Ah I feel so much better. Ok here is what he have to do my sweet mommas:

  • Be ok with the here and now, don’t judge it
  • Embrace imperfection (don’t even get me started with stretch marks)
  • Take a deep breathe…take more cleansing, centering and healing breathes throughout the day. They are like mini vacations/meditations/sanity checks that are free and always available.
  • Do an exercise to intentionally look for imperfections in the natural world like a crooked tree and instead of critique, rejoice in it.
    • I’ve found when I’ve done this, I start to realize that the natural world is alive, unique, colorful, functional, and beautiful despite its appearance of imperfections.  So it was hard to label anything “imperfect” in nature after I saw it that way.
        • When you spot imperfections in your work or home life, TRY NOT to judge, just have a guilt-free acceptance.   I still struggle with this one but I still feel it has helped reduce my stress and help me appreciate all that I have, as it is!

The truth shall set you free. What are your perfect imperfections?

See Brene Brown for more tools on imperfection .

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