The Flu is Awesome

benefits from the flu
Sick moms have to making the best of it!

It’s awesome to have the Flu. Ok not at all, but I’m all about positive thinkging. So here is what I came up for the busy moms who can’t afford to be sick.

Besides the stuffy nose, achy, every-Nyquil-commerical-symptom you can think of, being sick gives you a chance of being on vacation of sorts. I’d rather be on a tropical beach but I’ll take 3 hours of silence for a nap at this point in my life.

Being sick is a sort of re-set of your priorities….breathing without coughing became my priority. While I usally strive to “accomplish” 400 things in a given week. I was forced to accomplish just getting well.

Thankfully I have a supportive man who took on caring for the girls and I was left to lay in bed. Confession time, I forgot how to do that. Isn’t that sad? I forgot how to chill. I forgot what it was like to waste an afternoon watching tv. Not until I found a “Say Yes to the Dress” marathon was I fully in vegetative mode.

Here is why the Flu is slightly better than a rusty spoon in the eye (given that you have a good support network):

  • Resting your body and probably more importantly resting your mind By now you know I love meditation but this was a whole other level of mental gymnastics to remain positive when my ailing body was so distracting. So easy set the table at your pity party. I struggled with this one to chill the body and chill the mind.
  • Letting others handle it (without guilt) I was fine to go have drinks with a girlfriend but to let others deal with the girls for the better part of a week. Man, that was a test for the MOM GUILT-O-METER.
  • Practicing the art of Okay = Perfectly Fine! I never really knew how much I tried to control, care about, influence, or just be a part of everything going on in my world when I’m well. Guess what, the world keeps spinning when you are not at the steering wheel. That was a real eye opener for me and something I’m going to be more aware of.
  • Finally in tune with your body. You can’t get any more aware of your body when it’s sneezing and hacking all over the place. In fact you kind of want to drop it off at the dry cleaners and pick it up next Tuesday if you could. Body awareness is the B in my ABCDE’s of Mom Morning Routine
  • Recovering from sickness lets you experience gratitude for wellness (that you take for granted the rest of the year). When you finally wake up feeling like yourself…you fee an authentic, spontaneous gratitude moment that you can’t help but feeling. What if we woke up every morning with that much heart-felt gratitude…Mondays wouldn’t be so bad.

Here’s the wake up call of being sick. Why do we have to wait until we are all wretched, impacted-sinuses, hot messes to slow life down and appreciate what we have?!?!?

I’m thankful for health and all the ThriveMommas out there! What are you grateful for? Leave a comment below!

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