Take back control of your time

3 ways to take back control of your time

On my journey as a working mom, peace of mind has been that lone granola bar at the bottom of my purse. It’s always with me but I seem to find it when I least expect it (but fortunately when I MOST need it). But sistah…

peace of mind

My experience is that peace of mind doesn’t just appear, happen or accidentally occur. It’s an intention that you place in your life for it to appear. In other words, you gotta change your behavior enough to make it happen.

One of the biggest clues that I had zero peace of mind was how frazzled I was on a daily basis. I didn’t feel like I was ahead of anything. Running late, forgetting that birthday gift, scrambling to make dinner each night on and miserably on.

Not until I felt so fed up took control of how I managed my time did I finally feel like I had my life together. Now imagine yourself in some fierce Beyonce-type video with heels and eyes narrowed ready to take on the world. Ok, ok, time management is not that sexy but it COULD make you feel THAT fabulous.

There are three ways I look at time: Save time. Make time. Find time.

Save time. Saving time is all about how you currently do what you do, but better. Is it morning or dinner time? Write down what frustrates you about dinner time. It might look like this…

  • Crying baby and I feel guilty about being away
  • Don’t know what to make
  • Not sure when my husband will be home and if I need to cook for him.
  • Settling for a frozen pizza and flat 7Up

After looking at what frustrates ya move to some solutions. So here is what the solutions would look like for the above.

  • Take half a minute to breathe before I get out of my car to let the stress of work go and feel fully present for my babe
  • Spend 15 min on Sunday night get two crockpot recipes to make on the weekend
  • Ask him to text me everyday at 4pm so I know when he will be home
  • Freezing portion-sized servings of my crockpot so I can pull out and heat up when I’m running late

Make time. Making time is all about knowing your priorities, aligning your priorities with your partner and arranging your schedule so your priorities are reflected. Take my neighbor for example, she is gorgeously in shape and loves to work out. It’s a family affair. She ran a 5k, 8 months pregnant along with her 3 year old. She is my hero! More power to her. I never had the desire to run while rockin’ a lady lump (Fergie song stuck in my head). But that she values that type of exercise for her family

My family on the other hand is a music family. We take our girls to every street music festival or marching band competition in a 40 square mile radius. Should have purchased these kid noise-cancelling headphones long time ago! Our priorities are music, my neighbor’s priority is running. And both are fine.

So what are your priorities for your family and do you make room for them in your weekly schedule? Think about these areas of focus for your priorities:

Find time. Finding time is about discovering moments of time to recharge. I’m all about finding pockets of time to recharge your mental, emotional and physical state. This is not a day at the spa, it’s nano-moments for yourself to find joy, do nothing and center yourself.

What does peace of mind look like for you? What would a peaceful work-day be for you? How do you wake up? What type of work are you doing? What do you get to do in the evening?

Taking the time to recharge is not being greedy, it’s being human. When you can get time to do, then DO IT. Our lives are so fast and so full that we don’t just deserve it, we need it.

What will you do to save, make or find time this week?



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