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Moms have asked me what the “Return to Work After Maternity Leave” workshop is all about so why not share the love in this week’s blog! First of all, surrounding yourself with other moms in the same phase of life with the same concerns and questions really puts your mind and heart at ease. That worry in the back of your mind that you have been worrying over or that silly question that you think everyone knows the answer to is easily addressed in a supportive circle of wonderful women. We learn from each other, we laugh, we get the right info and know when to use the info but, on a soul level, we walk away feeling empowered!

Of course being through it twice myself, I know firsthand the common mistakes and now the biggest ‘must-dos’.   I’m all about the big picture and how all the information, emotions and checklists fit together to make your life as working mom finally click. This Sunday’s workshop is a great opportunity to finally feel ready to go back to work. Here are some more juicy details at this Sunday’s workshop:

Location and Vibe: Well I feel blessed to share our time together in the gorgeous Nature’s Whisper Yoga studio. We sit for the hour and share time of introspection, Q&A, working through a typical day and what needs to be done before and after return to work.  It’s a casual and uplifting vibe so we can celebrate the journeys of the amazing moms in the room!

Goal: Prepare your baby, your boss and your brain to go back to work. How to avoid common mistakes, what to do post birth, 1 month, 2 weeks and week before going back. How to support your emotional wellbeing and how to use simple mindfulness tips to help with overwhelm. It’s a lot but we have fun as during the quick hour.

Bonus: But wait there’s more [game show host voice]. All the moms who attend also receive a printed copy of my InstantThrive Guidebook, a $34 value. It’s the perfect book that reminds you of the important details around returning to work. But also covers how to support all 8 areas of your life including meal planning so you can balance it all as a thriving working mama!

Did you know: You can bring your newborn. I totally understand about childcare challenges. You will be able to focus a bit easier without baby but no worries. Parking is free. Here are driving directions.

Don’t miss the chance to learn how to go back to work after maternity leave with me this Sunday July 13th at Nature’s Whisper Yoga Studio in Hillcrest! Space is limited so click here to reserve your spot!

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