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Forty-five minutes into our Newborn class I leaned over my bodacious belly and whispered to my husband “are you gonna remember that”? So much new information about our soon-to-be, very real baby quite frankly started to freak me out a little bit.  My hip joints were stuck in place from sitting and the baby was using my rib as a Pilates bar. I had mentally, physically and emotionally hit a familiar yet unfortunate place called…overwhelm.

And as a working mom the likelihood of cloudy skies with a chance of….overwhelm, could be a daily occurrence if we let it.

Why do we get overwhelmed? The simple answer is not simple at all. We have so much, we know so much, we have access to so much, we do so much, and there is so much placed upon our shoulders that we would be mental if the weight of all that DIDN’T make us a little nutty.

Well after attending a recent professional 2-day training (holy guacamole, talk about SO MUCH info) I decided that I will only remember one thing. I told myself if I only remember one thing, the trip was worth it. Surrendering to the fact I could only remember one thing really freed me. The pressure was off to write down so many things or to rush to other classes.

The funny thing was after I decided to only remember one thing, I was able to retain way more then one thing and I felt that I was able to retain way more.

So my simple way to avoid overwhelm is to…

J.O.T. it! Just One Thing it.

Moms can do anything but we shouldn’t do everything. Remembering one thing is not failure it’s being real, being kind to yourself and being more efficient with your time.

Tip: the key to remembering your J.O.T is that you say it in your head as you learn it, as the conversation/class/meeting is ending and then again to yourself as you walk away. Repeating the data three times cements it into your brain.

Check out the events page to see how I can help you not feel so coo-coo overloaded as you return to work after maternity leave and beyond.

Leave a comment below about what you do that helps you avoid the feelings of overwhelm?

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