Shhh…Your secret mom super-power revealed!

credit: desirae128 flickrLast weeks blog I talked about one of my favorite mom super powers…Intuition! Oh how my life has turned around since I tapped into my innate, always-free, always-accessible inner voice. I used to wrack my brain over a decision, worry over and over about what to do, etc. I struggled with what I needed to do and how to proceed with my kids, at work, in my personal life. You name it. Until I started to slow down, quiet down and listen.

Your intuition is not some loud, booming billboard. It’s that subtle, caring, shy voice that you bypass all of the time. For me whenever I heard myself say “that was weird” I knew that I had missed a signal. I didn’t listen and something didn’t go right, or a big sign slapped me in the face. I actually ran into a sign once, literally. It hurt.  I follow Becky Walsh’s work and she has some great YouTube videos on how to tune into your intuition.

Here is how I started to tune in, listen up and live it!

  1. Be willing to listen. Proceed with an open mind.
  2. Be willing to trust. Get rid any story you tell about yourself that you “don’t know”, you are unlucky, or it’s not possible. Start with two words “I’m willing.”
  3. Make time to practice… pause a moment when ready to make a decision and go within.
  4. Create some quiet….this will help you during times that aren’t so quiet. Stillness is real, quiet is good…find time get a bit more of that delicious nothingness in your life!
  5. Ask and don’t stress it. In the moment when you need to decide, find the sliver of stillness, ask for an answer and see what happens. Don’t attach any expectation to it.
  6. Feel the answer…your body is a barometer. If your answer brings you down or confuses you…you are not on the right path. If the answer lifts you up and makes you feel good or simply feels right. You got it!
  7. Make a note in your phone when you ask and hear an answer. Keeping track of your progress and proof will show you that it’s real and flat out kickass!

People call it mom-tuition, mom-voice. And this is IT!!! It’s so easy to tap into that for the big things but go for the small stuff too.  I’ll give you a big example and a little example. My oldest was an early talker and late walker. The stubborn girl wouldn’t go bipedal until 25 months! I had to see a geneticist, an orthopedist, and finally an in-home assessment to see what was ‘wrong with her’. All along, my “mom-tuition” was saying she’s fine and I felt fine about her. I just knew she was fine. She’s just a shy/hesitant girl and she was just afraid to walk…for a long time. The key is the feeling…feel the answers.

The other example that stands out in my mind is when my oldest discovered the word shit! She was dropping S-bombs everywhere, especially in public. She would sing songs that only contained the word shit. What impressed me was when she would drop her crayon she’d throw down a pissed off “shit” just like you or I would. But you have to admit that a high-pitched, squeaky profanity is quite hilarious.  Anyways, I just knew that for my kid, I needed to ignore instead of react when she swore from here to Tuesday. That knowing is your intuition!

Did you know that Intuition is the first “I” in my “4 I’s of Mommahood: The Path the Mindful Parenting.”  Stay tuned in the coming weeks to learn more about the other “I’s!  If this is resonating with you, go to my homepage and click the email button, to set up a time for me to share my mindful parenting tips at your mom meet ups, events or playgroups.


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