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ThriveMomma’s week in a nutshell:

We wrapped up our glamping trip on Monday.  It was really really nice to shut down from work and spend some quality time with ThriveDaddy, ThriveToddler and ThriveGrandpa in the wilderness of a lake front cabin with a stove and hot water…  

ThriveToddler met Santa for the second time.  It did not go well for the second time.

Maybe next year, right?

We missed our neighborhood Christmas tree lighting because I thought it was on Friday (which seemed like a reasonable day for a tree lighting) but was actually on Thursday (which seems like a completely unreasonable day for a tree lighting).  

Maybe next year, right?

On a serious note, I had a complete break down on Tuesday after sitting in an hour of traffic to get to work, leaving work later than I anticipated, rushing out frantically only to sit in another hour plus of traffic and getting home just in time to miss ThriveToddler by 10 minutes.  I’ve been in struggle city with this working mom life.

Being a working mom is really really hard.

I’m not offering any sage advice at this point.  I just don’t think that “it’s hard” gets said enough.  Working Mom. Working Dad. Stay at Home Mom. Stay at Home Dad.  Let’s just acknowledge for a moment the struggles of parenthood. It’s not all roses all the time and if you’re finding it hard, that’s because it is.  

For sanity:

Speaking of hard…

7 Sanity Preserving Habits – A Working Mom’s Morning Routine:

I’m still not convinced that there is such thing as work-life balance.  I think that there are competing priorities, always will be. Some weeks it’s necessary to throw yourself 100% into motherhood.  Other weeks career and relationship will take precedence. The need to focus on competing priorities and go with the flow from week to week, month to month makes this so called “balance” unrealistic.

I do believe, quite wholeheartedly, that establishing a solid morning routine is critical to maintaining sanity in this world that demands more than ever of women.  This is critical to everyone and especially the working mom. These 7 sanity preserving habits are easy to implement, will help set a positive tone for the rest of the day and will ultimately preserve some of your sanity amidst this crazy, hectic life:

Read More

For listening:

I’ve been enjoying getting to know the Mother Like a Boss podcast exploring episodes as I have time to fit them in.  There is a ten minute episode entitled You don’t have to enjoy every moment of motherhood that has really resonated with me.  The tagline:

Loving our children unconditionally doesn’t mean we have to love all the conditions of motherhood.

In this episode host Kendra Hennessy discusses finding the balance between believing that we must embrace every moment of motherhood as a joyful moment that we fully soak up, appreciate and document and the other side of that pendulum where we are completely un-engaged and not present in the moment.  She discusses how the unrealistic expectation that we must enjoy every moment of mom life and how this leads to guilt (USELESS EMOTION). This guilt wears on our psyche and causes (unnecessary) stress and angst.

The insights you’ll gain from this podcast are worth allocating the 10 minutes it will take to listen to it.

In conclusion, sometimes all it takes is a quick reminder to recenter our mindset and keep marching through this motherhood journey!

For a laugh:

AlohaTags asked Twitter to #RomComMyLife and people came up with some pretty great tweets:

  • Idahohoin:  50 First Dates. But zero second ones — Where my Idaho ladies at?! Help this witty fellow out.
  • DavaStarr:  Sexless in a Boring Ass City — also Jimmy Choo-less.  What I could do with half of Carrie Bradshaw’s clothing budget…
  • DocDarnell:  Eat, Pray, Eat — Pregnant ThriveMomma says YES!
  • SheaBrowning:  You’ve Got Mail (It’s Just Bills) — I feel ya Shea
  • SheaBrowning:  When Harry Met Sallie Mae — Shea on a roll (and I sense a theme)
  • Sunkisseeddd:  P.S. You Forgot to Take Out the Garbage — ThriveFamily is ¾ boys so not a problem for me!
  • DMuze:  Sleepy in Seattle — Must be a Momma!

For the Nursing Momma:

Returning to Work While Breastfeeding: A Checklist for Moms:

Every nursing momma who’s heading back to work experiences a little uneasiness about how things will go once she’s back in the office. Questions swirl like, “Will my baby eat?”, “Will I produce enough milk?”, or “How awkward is it going to be around my co-workers?” Thankfully, this back-to-work checklist from Mom Loves Best will help ease your mind about what to expect, and make sure you’re properly prepared well before your maternity leave ends.

Read More and grab your checklist here

For manners:

My wish for the ThriveCommunity this Holiday season is that the biggest source of stress you face involves a seemingly insurmountable list of Thank You cards to write.  Here are some tips for writing effective Thank You cards:

  1. Be timely.  Write and send your card within a month of the event that is triggering a thank you.
  2. Be specific.  Avoid generalities such as “The dinner was delicious”.  Opt for specifics such as “The baked salmon was seasoned beautifully and I’m still daydreaming about that chocolate cake.”
  3. End pleasantly. “I look forward to hosting you and Jim at our house soon!”

Short and sweet and to the point!  Also, this gives you a great excuse to stop by a stationary store and pick out cute stationary.  Don’t forget pretty pens while you’re at it!

An article from The School of Life that spurred me to share these reminders.  This article is articulately written and demonstrates how works of art provide guidelines that we can use to write thank yous:

“Praise works best the more specific it can be. We know this in love; the more a partner can say what it is they appreciate about us, the more real their affection can feel. It is when they’ve studied the shape of our fingers, when they’ve recognised and appreciated the quirks of our character, when they’ve clocked the words we like or the way we end a phone call that the praise starts to count. The person who has given a dinner party or sent us a present is no different. They too hunger for praise in its specific rather than general forms. We don’t have to be great artists to send effective thank you notes: we just need to locate and hold on tightly to two or three highly detailed reasons for our gratitude.”

Read more

Here’s some other buzz that caught my attention this week:

Are Airlines Purposely Splitting Up Families to Make More Money? – An uplifting story about corporate responsibility… or the exact opposite.

5 Small Companies That Are Making Big Waves For Women — And Hiring Like Crazy – Lots of benefits to working for a small company — especially one that values women like these companies do!

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