28 Days of Romance Challenge – Week 4

Welcome to Week 4 of the 28 Days of Romance Challenge!

If you missed the previous weeks and need a refresher on what’s going on:

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Week 4

February 22:  Find a comedy special on Netflix and watch it together.  Laughing together is super important. For an added bonus, share a dessert together while you watch it.  

February 23:  Execute your date night plan!  (See February 4 for instructions)

February 24:  Play a game of Straight Face.

  • You need: Small pieces of paper or index cards, a pen, two bowls
  • How to play: Start by writing down phrases that you know will get your partner’s attention. They can be silly, flirty, provocative — the sky is the limit. Take turns reading the other person’s phrases out loud. If they so much as crack a smile, you get to remove something he’s wearing, and vice versa.

February 25:  Schedule your next two date nights for sometime in the month of March AND April!

February 26:  Sit and talk to your partner.  Use these prompts or come up with your own!

  1. Is there anything you’ve been longing for that might spice up our love life?
  2. Are there areas of our relationship that have felt especially challenging lately but that you really feel hopeful about, too?
  3. What do you think will help keep our relationship and connection to each strong?  (takes notes!)

February 27:  Find a “how to dance” video on YouTube and follow the instructions as a couple.  For example:

  1. Learn to Dance Salsa:  Basic Steps for Beginners
  2. How to do the 2-step
  3. How to Dance to Hip-Hop Music

February 28:  Congratulations!  You did it! You spent time on your relationship for 28 days!  Your final challenge: Revisit the conversation you had on February 26, specifically prompt #3 (Reminder:  What do you think will help keep our relationship and connection to each strong?). Agree on one thing that you can implement going forward.  Write this item down and hold each other accountable!


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