Whew! There is a lot to learn about maternity leave rights, successfully navigating the workplace as a parent, and learning what the “right” decisions are for your family. My passion is working with moms and helping them wrap their heads around what to do and when, and turning sad or anxious moms into successful and happy employees, partners, and mothers.

What some ThriveMommas are saying about working with me:


"Elaine and ThriveMomma are a must have for any working mom pre & post pregnancy! Her guidance and expertise around maternity leave (and being able to explain it so it actually makes sense!) totally settled my nerves and helped to prepare me for a really easy and successful conversation with my boss and HR."

Annie, mom of four

"Her support and positivity programs around returning and preparing to return to work are essential and makes the impossible feel attainable! Go ThriveMomma!"

Mia, new mom

“So much of the stuff that Elaine helped me with wasn’t even on my radar. And her energy and passion are contagious.”

Meghan, new mom

Through email, by phone, and in person - Elaine has provided support,
advice, and an open ear for me during this time of transition. She has
offered not only practical ideas, but much needed emotional support and
reassurance. Her website, blog, and guidebook can be a valuable resource
for any momma who is thinking about or returning or who is about to return
to work. I am so glad there are people like Elaine out there to help us
thrive 🙂


Elaine is a modern Marry Poppins. She helped me straighten out my priorities into categories that helped with everything from my personal business, to household chores, to cooking, to how I spent my free time. She outlined concrete steps to take and kept me motivated along the way. I owe my happy home and professional life to her tips. She was very attuned to my emotional growth and everything felt easy, like the proverbial spoonful of sugar. I highly recommend her to all.

Dalia, Mom of 2