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Pin-worthy juice pulp casserole recipe

I have a bit of a love affair with Pinterest, I must admit! It’s every mom’s dream: create an entire birthday party theme, find tonight’s dinner recipe, and find your new favorite outfit all in under an hour!

But my one beef with her Majesty The Pinterest is that I’ve searched for awhile now for a recipe where I can use my juice pulp, and nothing good. Green juice is my morning energy boost, family bonding as we sit on the kitchen tile chugging green goodness. And it’s just overall a daily delivery of happiness. I purposely go to work with my green juice in hand, because undoubtedly someone will offer up their favorite juicing recipe, score!!

Every morning though, I feel so bad about wasting the happy fiber-filled pulp. So I decided to take matters in to my own hands and [drum roll please] created the Juice Pulp Tater Tot Casserole! Simple, yummy, guilt-free (tater tots don’t count towards guilt):

Serves 6


1 1/2 cups green juice pulp ( I usually have kale, cucumber, celery, green apple and ginger)

8 oz frozen tater tots ( potato or sweet potato)

1/4 cup mix of panko crumbs or Italian bread crumbs (or a mix of both)

6 eggs

3 tablespoons milk

1/2 cup shredded cheese

1/4 teaspoon salt, 1/4 pepper

Coconut oil spray


Pre-heat oven to 350. Spray a 1.5 quart Pyrex loaf pan with coconut oil spray. Add the pulp and breadcrumbs to the pan and mix so crumbs are mixed in. Make sure there is enough crumbs to dry out the pulp. You want the crumbs to soak up any moisture from the pulp, but don’t over do it.

Add frozen tater tots on top of pulp mixture. Feel free add a few more tater tots, don’t be shy.

Mix the eggs, milk, salt and pepper in the a bowl then add to pan. Pour the chest on top.

Bake at 350 for 45 min. Please check at half hour to see if you are close. I’ve tried this in different ovens and it has taken up to an hour to cook. You want the sides to be good and brown and the cheese to be browned. Enjoy!!

Feel free to Pin and Enjoy!  See you at my Pinterest Favorite Recipes board!


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