Peace and Quiet

When I speak to mom groups around the county about time management I start it off having them ask themselves a few questions to assess how they spend their time. “What gives you energy in a day?” and “What sucks your energy in your day?”

Tapping into how you feel in a moment instead of what you think  is a quick and accurate way to assess any moment. Our minds wander, make up crap, and simply steer us wrong because our egos get all out of wack!

You CAN find the time to enjoy meditation!
You CAN find the time to enjoy meditation!

So the only way to tap into your feelings and the truth in each moment is to find stillness, quiet, no-thinking ways where you can tap into your own wisdom. Stillness leads to trusting your shy inner voice. When you practice trusting your inner voice that’s when you can start to act on your intuition (i.e. Mom Super Power). And the most effective way to do that is through a practice of meditation.

Meditation has become a love of my life and helped me on my journey to trust myself.  Need to know how to meditate? You will read on and process the information with your intellectual mind but, like most life-enhancing stuff you have to experience it for yourself to really get it.

How to Meditate:

  • Some experts say 15-30 minutes everyday is good. Are you kidding me?! I’m lucky if I do this twice a week. But for me, that’s enough.
  • Sit comfortably, on a chair or cross-legged but the important part is that your spine is straight (no napping).
  • Sit in silence or with meditation music, try both. I rotate between the two. I usually have music if I meditate during the day.
  • Set a gentle timer like the Insight Timer app or simply let your body tell you when you are done (then go a few more minutes)
    • First half the journey is getting your mind and body to chill the [beep] out.
      • There are several exercises you can do to relax your body:
        • Tense up all your muscles, then relax
  • There are several exercises that can calm your mind:
    • Repeating mantras like “I am” on the inhalation and “love” on the exhalation or,
    • Repeating a two work phrase and leaving a space between the two words. After each exhale the space between the words get longer so that your brain is not thinking longer
  • Second part of the mission is enjoying the ‘beingness’ of no thought
    • This is not a passive state, it’s an active state. You will need to set the intention to keep your mind free from thought (as much as possible)
    • Everyone has thoughts that float in while meditating, but the pros don’t attach any judgment and simply let the thought float out of their head.
    • At this point you can ask for guidance, help, say a prayer, express gratitude…anything. IT’s not a time for conversation, it’s about tapping into your inner wisdom.
  • Exit meditation slowly. Slowly move your hand and feet, then your body. Take time to write down any insights you gained during your delicious quiet time in peace.

Embark on a Peace-Seeking Adventure

There are so many forms of meditation. Walking meditation, hiking in nature, volunteering at a shelter, singing, pray, dancing, painting, etc. I’ve listed steps for a traditional meditation, that floats my boat. But it may not fit you or your way of being.

Give yourself permission to start trying stuff out. Don’t judge if it doesn’t work out. Just follow the clues for the next type of meditation.

Start asking around your friends if they meditate or pray. Attend a class. Carelessly explore new things. Let God/Universe/Whatever-you-call-it to guide you to a way of finding peace.

When your Peace-Seeking Mission is complete you will be able to practice a way to find the precious quiet and amp up that Inner Wisdom!

That’s what I know. Share your version of meditation with our tribe of wonderful women in the comments section below!!

Nameste mommas!

P.S. If you need any more convincing that meditation is awesome, check out this article. “What do meditation and sex have in common.”

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