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Celebrating parenting wins

June 4th, 2015 | 4 comments
Celebrating parenting wins with #dropthecrayon

Have you ever outsmarted, finally figured out or actually got your kid to do what you asked them to?! We don’t drop the mic, we drop the crayon! Whoop whoop!

I finally got my preschooler to eat veggies by putting chopped pieces in an egg Carton and called it the ‘share bin’! As I dropped it off on the table, she giggled with excitement to eat a sugar snap, my husband and I caught each other’s eye and did a silent “boo yeah!”

It’s easy to complain but sharing smart/fun/ridiculous stories of when you did a great job (at the toughest job in the world), well WE NEED TO RECOGNIZE YOUR AWEOMSONESS. Plus, we will all learn some new tricks tactics. So let’s start celebrating when we totally nail this whole parenting thing.

Drop your comment below with your most recent parenting win and remember to use the #dropthecrayon

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