ThriveMomma one-on-one coaching!

Above all my one-on-one coaching is about you! My philosophy is that you need to be heard, supported and walk away with the EXACT tools to feel like you can rock your motherhood again! I designed it the way I WISH I could have had way back when I was mess early on in motherhood.  We focus on areas that you need helpb with like:

  • Return to work after maternity leave
  • Time management: how to deal with a busy life
  • Meal planning: easy ways to get organized and preparing healthy meals
  • How to find work/life balance
  • Using mom-intuition and presence to reduce stress

So how do we work together to gain clarity and finally feel like you have your s*** together!

ThriveMomma one on one coaching

ThriveMomma one-on-one coaching

Pre-session: Before our scheduled time you are able to explore what exactly you are needing help with. “Where our thoughts go our attention goes” so I provide a simple starter sheet where you can get clear about what I can help you with.

During the session: The fun part! We have a lovely discussion where we review the starter sheet and dive deep into specific areas of your home, professional or parenting life that could use a boost. We look at a typical week, the areas that aren’t working well and I provide new strategies to get it all done.

Post-session follow up: I enjoy this part the most  because this is where mamas start to see real positive change! After our call you will receive a recording of the call, writing summary of notes and follow up items. The tailored plan we design includes smart tools to help you make it happen. Examples of these tools include:

  • Checklists
  • Tools
  • Videos
  • Resource guides
  • Meal plans and recipes
  • Technology recommendations (i.e apps)
  • Planners

Leah recently enjoyed the ThriveMomma Time Management one-on-one coaching session and this is what she has to say…

“Elaine helped fast track me on getting the new demands on my time and life in place. She helped give me some momentum. I realized I didn’t need to reinvent everything, and found Elaine’s trusty and constantly developing resources to be well tested, targeted and useful, saving me on research or trial and error that I didn’t have the time for. “

– Leah C.

The ThriveMomma one-on-one coaching will uplift you and take your mom-life to the next level! Email to reserve your spot!


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