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Trying to be stress-free is like trying to make a newborn stop his projectile pooping every time you open a diaper. Trying to be “stress-free” wont. ever. happen. It’s impossible to be free of all stress in these crazy times. Big life changes, crying babies, making dinner. Big or small, life creates stress. And as a working mom we deal with an ocean-sized amount of stress from work, home and life.  So how about we re-frame it and say that HOW we deal with the stress is most important. So here’s my way to deal with stress so you can finally feel like the wonderfully awesome mom YOU ARE!

How to feel free in stress:

F. Forgive. Let go and forgive yourself for feeling this way. Forgive yourself for snapping at your kid or waking up crabby.

R. Release. Release the need to control the situation. Practicing the art of allowing the situation to just be in all is suckiness. Man, this one is tough sometimes.

E. Ego. Has your pride or other thoughts gotten in the way of allowing some resolution to this stressful moment. Are you getting in your own way?

E. Energy. You are responsible for the energy you bring to the room. As moms, we set the tone for our family dynamics and especially in the crazy, busy times, being aware of how you are reacting can help to reduce the stress. Are you tense? Are you seething on the inside but trying not to react on the outside? Our kids pick up on our energy. What energy are you bringing to the situation?

Trying to be stress-free is probably bringing us more stress. So let’s stop striving for the the impossible and start living alongside the stress. Moving through it with grace, humility, a good glass of vine and laughter.

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Have an enjoyable Mothers Day. You deserve it!!

Momtra: Mantras for the modern working mom!
Momtra: Mantras for the modern working mom!
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