Most Epic Santa Photos

Santa Photos Gone Wrong (or totally perfectly)

I’m not sure what this says about me as a person but one of my favorite parts of Christmas is seeing Facebook profile pictures change from pictures of grown ups at a wedding to pictures of kids crying on Santa’s lap.  I find it hilarious every.single.year.  This post will not help you develop a self care routine.  It will not help you organize your mornings to be uber productive.  It won’t provide you with 5 crockpot receipts for easy dinner ideas.  It WILL make you laugh and, sometimes, that’s enough.

Right now Ellen has a Twitter hash tag that I’ve been scrolling through religiously:  #EllenRateMySantaPhoto.

It’s seriously wonderful.  I compiled the best of the best because, like I said, we all need a laugh right?



That’s it!  No big lesson.  Send me your Santa photos and I’ll add to this post!!



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