Being okay with okayness

How to be ok with okayness as working mom
How to be ok with okayness as working mom

There are some days, and let’s be real, some seasons where being okay as a wife/mother/employee is perfecting fine. As a working mom there is a metric ton worth of stuff to do (how did we survive before Amazon Prime?) and no more time in our days to do it all. We are pulled in every direction, we gotta be “on” at work and “up” at home. And with as much striving we do to make the playdate a success or get somewhere, (who am I kidding, anywhere) on time or to suck in the mom muffin top. We can’t do it all, we won’t do it all and really, we shouldn’t do it all.

I proclaim that we should be OKAY WITH OKAYNESS

We don’t want to admit that being okay is successful because society says we are lazy if we are okay or not having enough fun, or not having enough sex or not getting promoted enough or not getting enough FaceBook likes or our kids are not well-behaved enough. Or whatever loop is running in our heads. It’s all BS. Or as my German grandfather used to say Bull Shizah.

Here is why Okay is Awesome Sauce

Being okay with okayness gives you permission to be. To be silly and flawed and make mistakes (ah ah, lessons to learn) and to be gorgeous, vulnerable and all around wonderful. So by being okay, you are being you. Finally, plain ‘ole you. And I’m a big fan of you! Okayness removes barriers, competition, comparing and complaining. Okayness lets us lower those pesky expectations, judgments and limitations we artificially place on ourselves, family and kids.

Okayness ain’t lameness

Being okay is not about giving up. Your house is messy, your baby screams for no reason and you missed those deadlines. You are still kick ass among those things. We call them flaws but okayness allows them to just be. It’s about celebrating the wins among the setbacks and still moving forward. Striving for an unsustainable image you want to portray to the world is lame. Doing the best you can with your full life is greatness.

Being Okay with Okayness

Especially as we transition back to work being okay with a messy, emotional, unsettling, time of readjustment is key. I coach my moms in my Return to Work After Maternity Leave workshop and via one-on-one coaching how to “be okay with okayness” especially during the first few months back at work. Learn to politely say no, manage your time to allow for your needs, don’t take on new projects are good examples. This way of being allows you to do your job well while at the same protecting and nourishing your fragile spirit.

Try to let okayness be your greatness and unleash your raw beauty and POWER to the world. Bonus: your child will greatly benefit from how you model being an authentic woman! In the comments below let me know how okayness can be your greatness!

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