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Your smart phone's sanity button

I live an underlying level of on-edge-ness ever since my daughter got diagnosed with a nut allergy. The constant reminder that we need to bring an epi pen everywhere is the obvious reminder but I subconsciously bring my phone everywhere, just in case I need to take an emergency phone call. I literally and figuratively carry around that stress. So putting down my phone is a tough one.
Plus I get to blog, which I love, so I get more than anyone that being disconnected is important for a balanced life…but so hard to do!
I’ve started (and should do more of) turning on the ‘airplane mode’ on my iPhone. It’s the feature that lets your phone, just be a phone. No more facebooking to no end.
I have to say, it’s liberating and frustrating and ultimately good for my soul. When do you use airplane mode?

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