Mom Morning Routine

morning routine
Get your mind body and spirit ready…guarenteed to start your day off beautifully

As moms we go from the moment we wake up the minute we fall asleep. When we give so much to others are days can be exhausting, and over time we feel like we have lost ourselves.

Let’s reclaim our morning and make it a sacred, soul-filling, body-healing time!!! I came up with the ABCDEs of a mom routine so that we could remember it and easily start to implement it in our own lives this week!

The key is that you wake up 15-30 min before your kid(s) so that you can set the tone for another glorious day!

A. Affirm a day. Don’t wake up and say “I’m late again” “I didn’t get enough sleep. Say “thank you for this day, to be with my kids and to make a positive change in my world”…your inner peace will lead to outer peace. I stole that quote 🙂

B. Body awareness. What do you need to stretch? What is your body telling you?

C. Calendar your day. Look at your day. Where do you need to build in time for rest, build in more transit time? Are you over-scheduled? Yes, of course, you are a mom!!

D. Drink water with lemon and pinch of cayenne. This will detox your body and help aid digestion after your nightly fast.

E. Energize your soul. Sing, dance, journal, laugh. I’ve started listening to my favorite comedian again…We need more comedy in our lives!!

Let me know how your day has improved!

Hugs, Elaine

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  1. thrive January 18, 2014 at 9:34 pm

    Hi! MY ABCDEs has evolved over time from combining my mindfulness techniques. Dr. Christiane Northrup recommended the H2O+lemon+cayenne…scientifically proven to help with digestion after nightly fast. Hope you enjoyed it.

  2. Heather April 4, 2014 at 2:41 pm

    Who knew about the cayenne pepper! I definitely need to add more water to my morning regimen! Despite doctors orders, I always forget to drink a glass!

    1. thrive April 10, 2014 at 3:37 am

      I hear you about more water! I got a free app on my phone to track my glasses per day. Keeps everything moving…if you know what I mean!


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