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Overcoming guilt

I’m thrilled to bring you another San Diego woman who is helping moms thrive in this weeks guest blog! Tashina specializes in Fertility, Pregnancy, Delivery, and adjusting to life with a “New Baby at Home”. Motherhood is an inside job, so check out her advice when returning to work!

How are your beliefs affecting you, your baby & going back to work?

  • I’m abandoning my baby
  • I feel so guilty about returning to work
  • I’m a bad mom if I leave my baby at daycare
  • I won’t be able to provide for my baby if I’m not physically there
  • My body isn’t what it used to be

Sound familiar? Did you know your beliefs & feelings about a situation determine your experience of the situation?

Who is running the show?

It’s extremely important to be consciously aware of what “self-talk” is running through your mind when it comes to making the decision of returning to work or not (not just with that choice but at all times of your life). The fears, worries, concerns you’re thinking & feeling are derived from the beliefs you have. Maybe your beliefs are based off of personal experience of when you were a kid and feeling abandoned by your mom or dad when they went to work. Maybe you felt separation anxiety and subconsciously you’re afraid your baby will too.

All beliefs are stored within our subconscious mind, and it is here in the subconscious where our beliefs “run the show”, creating our actual experiences of life. For example maybe a fear is “Once I return to work my milk supply will slow way down”. Your body responds to the atmosphere it’s surrounded by, so if you’re constantly surrounding yourself with beliefs/fears it responds as such. Your baby is also highly sensitive to your stress and worry levels, and
this can be reflected in many different ways.

Did you know…

Did you know that you and your spouse’s feelings & thoughts directly affect the behavior, eating habits, health, development and more of your baby?

Fears, worries and concerns are only going to make life harder, not only on you but on your baby. The good news is you’re not a Victim of your fears and limiting beliefs, you have the power and ability to change them and it’s actually quite simple…

You can do this!

Change them into Self-Enhancing beliefs, trust, peace or whatever else you desire to experience.

What if your experience of returning to work could be something like this?

  • I’m at peace with my decision to return to work.
  • My baby is benefiting from the time with a sitter/mother-in-law, etc.
  • I trust I made the right choice in a sitter.
  • My baby is safe without me there.
  • I am still a good mother even if I am working.
  • I feel comfortable in my body and am patient as it returns to normal.

My passion

Society teaches us that change is hard and takes a long time. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s very easy to let go of and change beliefs & fears that don’t serve us. One highly effective method which has become my passion and uplifting work (and it’s fun, easy, and quick) is a process called PSYCH-K.

With the use of PSYCH-K one can easily change limiting fears and beliefs into life enhancing beliefs that allow one to thrive and have an easy, peaceful life. PSYCH-K can also benefit infants, helping them to adjust to separation anxiety, sleeping schedules, resolving colic, food allergies or sensitivities and so much more.

What’s the next step?

How can you make sure your beliefs are serving you? I love helping moms with these steps:

  1. Take time to jot down and take note of what “self talk” runs through your mind.
  2. Eliminate any judgment about it, simply write down any fears and concerns you have (whether it’s about returning to work, or anything else in life)
  3. Create greater awareness about what you are thinking so you can begin changing your thought patterns and beliefs.
  4. Notice how your mood and thoughts directly affect your baby, your family and your life.

Meet Tashina


Tashina Beckmann
is a Professional PSYCH-K Facilitator specializing in Fertility, Pregnancy, Delivery, and adjusting to life with a “New Baby at Home”. Below are just a few miracles she’s experienced using PSYCH-K with infants & parents.

** A newly pregnant woman was experiencing severe Morning Sickness. After PSYCH-K the morning sickness lessened greatly providing the woman to go on with day to day life.

** One 3 month old infant HATED being put in the car seat and uncontrollably cried at the top of her lungs every time, for almost the entire car ride. After PSYCH-K she no longer “screams”, only crying when she’s hungry or has a dirty diaper.

** Another toddler I worked with remotely was constipated and had been for roughly a month. In the middle of the PSYCH-K phone session (I was on the phone with his mom), she said “he just had a BIG poop!!!!” (Mom was so relieved) In the following hours/days/weeks the constipation was no longer an issue. It all had to do with the Increased Stress Level that rapidly amplified in the house as mom and dad had to deal with an unexpected issue.

** A 5/6 month old was experiencing a really rough sleep schedule. After doing PSYCH-K he started sleeping through the night. Mom and Dad were so happy, as was the little one!!

If you’re ready to make a change & PSYCH-K sounds of interesting, find out more information by visiting You can also directly contact

Tashina Beckmann
at 719-661-3435 or

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