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Hey hot mama. Well you survived the holidays and now what? Are you feeling like me that you gotta purge, clean, renew, get organized, etc. There is something about the new year that makes you feel like a new woman! Thank goodness for this guest post from a woman I met through the genius of the web and I really dig her approach. Andi is a Vibrancy Coach (such a great title!) for moms. She helps you get your s*** together and feel fabulous doing it! Enjoy her quick and, dare I say, doable ways to start 2015 off right! And as always leave a comment below with how you will start rock working motherhood this year. Take it away Andi…

time management for busy working moms

Life as a working mom is hard; let’s not sugar coat this.  Managing a job, a home, and kids is one of the hardest things we can do. It often feels like there is just not enough time in our crazy days to get things done.


Declutter:  I know this seems like an odd place to start, but decluttering is one of the most important things we can do to help with time management.  We often don’t realize how clutter manifests itself in our every day lives. It can cause undo stress when we can’t find our keys that we swore we put on the counter, or we are unable to get to the back of the closet where the rain jackets live, etc.  When we are stressed, every day tasks seem to be so much harder.


Plan for the next day: Each night set out your clothes, the kids’ clothes and make lunch for the next day. Also try spending five minutes picking up before you head to bed.  Having a clean(ish) living room will help you deal with the mornings chaos.


Mornings:  Get up 30 minutes before you would normally wake up.  It takes time getting out of the house with kids.  If you can get yourself ready in a relaxed way, you will have extra time (and patience) to convince your kids to take to more bites of their breakfast without wanting to scream.


Meal plan: Prepare, prepare, prepare!  Spend some time on the weekends planning out your meals for the week. This will allow you to spend time playing with your kids when you get home instead of scrambling to find something to make for dinner.


Put a chalkboard or whiteboard in your kitchen and make lists.  Mommy brain is not a myth. The combination of hormones after childbirth and sleep depravity can wreak havoc on our memory. Write down your to-do list in a place that you can see- and cross out what you’ve accomplished.


Delegate: Put a pile of clean socks on the coffee table and let your kids sort them.  Have your oldest take dishes out of the dishwasher while your youngest is putting a pile of clothes in the washing machine.
Celebrate bedtime. Pour a glass of wine or turn on the TV and bask in the completion of another crazy, exhausting, but wonderful day.

Andi Wickman

Andi Wickman is a vibrancy coach for mothers who want more “wow” in their lives. She helps burnt out mamas get a handle on what lights them up so they can be more present, caring parents and humans. (And so they can really enjoy the hell out of life for a change!) You can find her blogging about getting your groove back over at


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