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Thank you List Your Leave for this guest post on a topic that so dear to my heart. We vote with our resumes ladies! This is a real thing you can do affect real change in this country!

Get Smart on Leave and Help Other Working Moms through

What if you could find out a company’s family leave policy before interviewing? What if you knew what other companies in your industry or area offered before going into a discussion about an upcoming leave? What if companies knew their employees were informed on leave policies?  List Your Leave is helping to change the way companies and employees view, talk about, and manage family leave.

List Your Leave

List Your Leave was created with one important purpose: creating transparency around parental leave policies.


Many people don’t realize how important leave policies and corporate culture are – until they are personally faced with a need for family leave and the reality upon their return to work. Leave policies have real effects on maternal and child health as well as wages, promotions and job satisfaction. Yet a company’s leave policy is rarely discussed at a job interview, negotiating table or even among co-workers before an employee needs to take a leave. Most people discuss vacation time, retirement benefits, and of course salary and wages when taking a job – so why is maternity or paternity leave any different? Why are we expected to take a vacation but not have a family?

List Your Leave can help you plan for an upcoming leave by giving you the information you need to understand your benefits. And you can use List Your Leave to help other moms by adding an anonymous review on how your company handled your leave and return.

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Take 30 seconds to search for your company and add a review OR add your company if it doesn’t exist for current and former employers. Again, all data is anonymous and there is space for comments and ratings on overall company culture.

The more you know the better prepared you can be before you need to take a leave. And the more transparency there is around company leave policies, the smarter we can all be on leave!!


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