4 Tips to Help You Love Your Relationship Again

Four ways to strengthen our relationship with your special someone
Four ways to strengthen our relationship with your special someone

It’s that time of year to show your love. And I love you all for our support on social media and your referrals of new moms in need of loving support during their transition back to work after maternity leave.

Now it’s time to focus on your love relationships and I’ve got 4 tips that will help you strengthen your relationship with your significant other (S.O.)!

L.O.V.E Your Relationship

Four tips to get closer and grow your love!

L is for Love Language. The work of Gary Chapman and the 5 Love Languages is so powerful because through a quick quiz you can determine how you and your S.O. like to receive love. Which one of these means that your S.O. LOVES you…you get a gift from them, they give you a massage or they clean the dishes. Take the quiz and find out what it all means. Trust me you will dig it!

O is for “Our Time”. This is not the “o” that you might think it is, wink wink. This is about how you are you WHEN you are together. Do you bicker, do you express appreciation, do you just watch TV together and barely have a conversation? How are you showing up in the moment when you are with your S.O.?

V is for Vocalize Appreciation. The Appreciation Game. So this will sound so cheesy but trust me it gets better. Sit together and say one thing you appreciate about each other and go back and forth for 5 min. It’s an eternity at first but as you do this you will uncover stuff that you love about your S.O. that you have never vocalized before. It’s a totally beautiful experience and it warms your hearts.

E is for End Arguments Well. They say you should not go to sleep angry. And I’m saying ending arguments respectfully is the adult thing to do….even though you don’t want to be an adult in that moment. My hubby and I agreed to use a code word that either of us can use if an argument is getting out of hand. We can say “duckbill platypus” and we are allowed to walk out of the room and regroup later. Just saying that silly word disarms the tension enough to allow us both to peacefully start over. What could your silly code word be?


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