New years intention not a resolution

Before you get swept away in the hoopla of new years resolution consider making an INTENTION instead.

New year intention ThriveMomma Elaine McGhee

As I look back at 2015 with all it’s highs and lows I realize that I didn’t stick to my ESP resolution. More energy, sleep and play. I have a busy, big, beautiful life and I didn’t stick to being aware of my energy, I sure as well went to bed too late and had my share of fun but not on the daily.

I fell short on my goals because I didn’t leave room for life to happen. For example, my daughter refused to sleep through the night for 5 months = tired mama. I also didn’t make time in my schedule for play. Let’s get those date nights on the Google Calendar, honey! So, that’s why this year I’m ditching the resolution and going for a New Years Intention instead!

Words matter and the choice of words determine how we behave. For example, I’m OVER the use of “bullets” in Powerpoint slide. Or the brainstorm room at work is called the “war room”.  Are we in a war at work? (Might feel like it sometimes). Even the word resolution feels bad. And being so resolute in our attempt to better ourselves, well it actually sets us up for failure…here’s why. 

An intention leaves room for error, falling off the wagon or the inevitable delays that only a projectile vomiting in a restaurant child can cause. I will never think of a Danish Bakery the same again! (Yes, we were on a wonderful, surprisingly stress-free family vacation until my youngest proceeds to spew blue frosted cookie shrapnel ALL over me, and my new UGG boots. Some mom-survival mode kicked in and my mom and I immediately rushed to the bathroom, she bought me and my daughter some clothes at the store across the street and we were back in our seats before the coffee cooled! Grandmas rule!)

New years intention ThriveMomma
A resolution feels too rigid, absolute, and even a bit dark. Whereas, an intention is a daily choice to stick with the workout plan, to not eat that snickerdoodle, or to wake up 10 min early to meditate. 

Resolutions are:

  • terminal, focused on the end result
  • desperately holding onto (for dear life) a specific outcome
  • a bit harsh and dark

Intentions are:

  • directional, about the journey
  • allow for letting go of a specific outcome in favor of general goodness
  • optimistic and supportive

Even saying those two words out loud FEELS different. If wanted to go on a date with one of those words it would be intentions, for SURE. But even beyond the sound and meaning of the words. Making a commitment to yourself at the start of the year IS a beautiful act of self-care that should be celebrated!

I’ve been feeling a strong desire to set an intention this year so here it goes:

“My intention is for health and vitality. To live, love, parent and work form my highest good. Also to manifest (and let go of the outcome) beyond my wildest dreams. To step fully into my own greatness so I can be in-the-moment as a kick-ass woman, wife, mom, sister, daughter, soul sister and friend!” BAM!

And the hardest part about intentions is LETTING GO! Allowing the goodness in your life to unfold in divine timing. More on THAT in upcoming blogs!

Reply back with your INTENTIONS for 2016 and we can celebrate together!

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