Hurry and Hush

Hurry and HushA kind person at a recent community event looked at my girls in their Sunday-best dresses and said “well don’t you look nice.” And without hesitation my semi-exhausted response was “you should have seen what we looked like trying to get out the door half hour ago!” Rewind the tape and trying to get the girls feed, dressed, occupied, potty-fied and out the door by 8:45am was an U-G-L-Y sight.

It’s a mad rush to go, do, be there, play there, eat this, “stop hitting”, potty there, drive back, unpack, and so on and so on. We pack in so much on the weekends that we feel like we need a vacation from our weekends. Oh and I washed the same that load of laundry 3 times this weekend because I kept forgetting to put it into the dryer.

During a recent visit to the gardens at the Self Realization Fellowship in Cardiff, the concept of Will and Grace came back to me. Will is about making things happen in your life and Grace is about allowing your life to unfold. Will involves action and Grace is about letting go of control and let good things happen. As I breathed in the Pacific air I thought about our crazy busy lives as working moms, how we have to make it all happen like job, kid management and putting a healthy meal on the table. But I also realized how beautiful moments of quiet like I experienced on the ocean-front cliffs help me deal with the hurry of my life.

I live in states of Hurry and Hush. Most of the week is hurrying around, giving to all my to my teams, my kids, my hubby, and my community. But every day I’m able to find time to slow it down, hush my busy mind, forgive my faults (I’m working on that one), enjoy nature, sport an awkward “down dog” (anyone else not love that pose?!), have a lovely conversation with a girlfriend or write this love note to you. The Hush moment no matter how minuscule recharges me. And quiet time is even sweeter now that I have to young ones.

Beyond acknowledging that life is fast and I have to slow down to connect with my sanity, another part of Hurry and Hush came to mind. Hurry is all about the “what”. But the Hush is the “how”. Running around our busy life is what we do. In those down moments like a coffee break or pump session or a nice walk, you are able to get quiet enough to hear how to do something. The “I wanna go on vacation” response when you are overworked in hurry mode becomes “let’s ask The Smiths about where they stayed in Yosemite when we see them at the BBQ.”

The trick is don’t let too much of your life be Hurry. So much of our attention is focused on what to do, but in the Hush we feel free, ourselves, at peace and we get answers.

I’m still working out how to get more Hush, when do you make time for your Hush time?

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