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I’m not going to lie, it’s been rough at my house lately. Both of us parents were sick, the kids were sick and we just kept sharing the lovely viruses around and around. And for almost two months, I had to stay in bed. It’s incredibly difficult to nap when you don’t want to miss the sweetest time with the kids or get to do what you love. For me, I love baking cookies with my oldest and making a healthy dinner for our fam. But my ‘normal’ was gone. And when the universe decides to shake things up and really test you…that’s when you grow.
My life really slowed down and I wasn’t going to enjoy the big moments like vacations or parties. I was contagious and confined to my house so I had to start to be aware of and cherish the little moments. The subtle moments that the healthy-me would blaze right past. So I guess a big lesson of the sickness was to become aware of little moments. And after all, those are what REALLY count!

I learned some big-girl lessons about life like appreciate EVERYTHING because you don’t know when it will change, your body temple is a gift so please cherish it, and everything is going to okay so chill and make the best of the ride!
Sweet mommas, I had to rally the troops and bring in some help to keep my spirits up. Here are some of my tools that helped me feel better and helped me to cherish the little moments so I could learn the big lessons:
1. Send Yourself Love Notes. I wrote “I love you” on the bathroom mirror with some old lipstick. Finally a use for the 15 old tubes of lipsticks in your drawer! I also like the Crayola Window Markers. Sending yourself love notes will feed your soul and make you feel like $1M.
2. Here’s Your Sign. It’s a form of prayer to ask God, or Divine Mind or whatever you call it for some signs of hope. No joke. I started seeing hearts everywhere. There was a heart-shaped foam left in my hemp milk green tea latte one morning. A Tupperware that I’ve used for years has a heart on it that I never noticed before. I interpreted those sweet little signs that “love is all around and enjoy what you have”.
3. Bring in the Goddesses. Have you heard of Oracle Cards? Me either until a few months ago. The concept is that you shuffle these cards and Spirit can send you messages. I turn to them when I can’t decide something or need some encouragement. Well, guess what cards I pulled during this time of bummed-out-ness? Cards about Miracles and Healing. Thank you for those kind words of encouragement Universe! I was gifted these Goddess cards, check them out if this peeked your interest.
4. Tosha Silver’s “God Box”. I learned while listening to Tosha’s book Outrageous Openness about the concept of a God Box. You keep a nice box where you can write on a piece of paper your worry or your dream and put that into the box. And leave it up to God. Mine is perched on a shelf in bedroom. I wrote “my body will be healed” and “optimal health” on paper and put them the box. It’s a soothing ritual that has been so useful especially when I start to get into black hole of worrisome thoughts. You get to put your intention in the box and then you can stop worrying about it.
5. Laughter. Heals so much, don’t you agree? Especially the crazy, silly laughter of our kids. LOVE IT!
6. Don’t Get Stuck on Full. I kid you not, my gas tank was stuck on full. For like three days the gas gauge didn’t budge. All in the same week when I was still a hot mess and so overwhelmed by life’s demands that I couldn’t deal with because I was still sick. I was mentally, physically and emotionally stuck on full. I was filled up and fed up. I just had to laugh. But it made me think about “when do I let my life get stuck on full?” When do I commit to too much? When to I worry too much?
Sweet friends, I’m wishing you love, laughter and health! Let me know in the comments when you learned some big lessons in the little moments!

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