Go from Survive to Thrive the Holidays

Hi gorgeous momma!

Like you I’m wicked busy trying to get Christmas cards finished, go to parties, turn down going to parties, shopping, online shopping, kid festivities, making sure I listen to Christmas carols on every electronic device possible and overall trying to keep it together this December. Man, every year I forget how demanding this “happy season” is! Plus my daughters birthday is this week (poor girl, mommy and daddy didn’t plan that one out very well)

While I’m not claiming to be perfect, I’m about a 7 on the 10-point scale of the Thrive-o-meter. Thrive = all areas of your life lovingly supported by your intentions and actions. And I’ve accepted that 7 is my 10 for this month only.

Here are some tools and tricks and plain ole must-dos for this holiday season that really help me.

  1. Be ok with 7 or 6 on the Thrive-o-meter. You could get by with a 5 but a shower IS required  everyday.
  2. You might have already seen my post about my year-round holiday tool for parental trickery, the “Parents Call Santa” app. Yes, it’s a parenting trick I’m not proud of but it’s so effective.
  3. Gift tracking app. Try Santas Bag
  4. Only accept events that have meaning a
    top mom app
    Busy mom app…track all your gift purchases

    nd will be fun! Tough one, but doing less and running around less will ultimately make for a happier family.

  5. You gotta be the rock for the fam. How do we do that when there is tinsel-covered chaos? Take.A.Deep.Breath. Sounds simple but this is one of the #1 tools I coach all my new mommas about. Here is a good exercise…no gym membership required
    • While slowly breathing in say the word “calm” in your mind
    • While slowly exhaling say the word “worry” or whatever emotion you are feeling. (You breathe in the desired state you want to be in and you exhale all that ails you! I do this especially when I’m falling asleep and my brain wants to worry about something. I sleep like a baby. I wish my baby slept like a baby!)
  6. Relax about rules and regulations for your kids…and for yourself. We had beef jerky, cucumber slices and orange juice for breakfast last week. No joke. Plus we ate on the floor like a picnic and it turned a mundane meal into a treat. And it was delicious. But even more delicious was the burden of keeping them sitting/eating/not hitting/not screaming was thankfully lifted.
  7. When an annual event comes up that I want to go to, I put a reminder in my phone for two weeks prior NEXT YEAR. Yes, I’m booking my life one year in advance. I have the choice next December not to go but at least I know what to plan or not plan for.
  8. Enjoy the moments, even the traffic jam. We intended to go to a holiday party last week and literally the freeways were jammed up. We turned around and ended up at an event in our own neighborhood that was a delightful. A new holiday tradition was born, and we would have missed it if the (damn) freeways were clear.
  9. Buy Christmas gifts all year round.
  10. Schedule the lame stuff earlier so it’s not so busy in Dec. Family photo shoot in july. Keep writing Christmas newletter all year round. Make the cookie dough and freeze so you can make fresh cookies without the hassle. Leave a comment below with any other ideas you have?

It’s my last blog of the year. I’m going to practice what I preach and take a well-deserved break! I’m sending you supportive vibes over this holiday season. Take a moment to reflect on the year and set an intention to make 2014 the year that celebrates your momma wellbeing!

Have a Merry Momma Christmas!!

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