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Think about what is in your purse or diaper bag right now. Depending on the age of your child you have pacifiers and diapers or a first aid kits and juice boxes. I’ve got my iPhone charger and my daughter’s toy phone. I have a bag of almonds and three lonely crayons.

But no matter how much we think ahead and stash in our purse, we will encounter challenging moments with our little angels. A surprise spit-up, a lost stuffed animal or a mega colossal tantrum and we realize that we forgot an extra shirt, extra lovie or whatever works for a tantrum. Please, someone tell me what works for a tantrum!?!

In those “oh crap” moments we actually DO have all the resources we need to handle it…and they are not found in our purse.

The three (free) tools you need (and already have) to rock the working motherhood lifestyle are Intuition, Breath, and Community. The first two come from within and the last is external but all are available to help you right here, right now.


Mom-tuition, inner guidance, or whatever you call it is your single greatest tool. When you tap into this Mom Super Power you find answers and feel your way through the situation for an answer. I believe we all have the answers within us and it takes slowing down, and trusting ourselves to really make it work. Don’t believe me? We follow our intuition on a daily basis but we may just not give it credit. Did you have a hunch about that guy? Did that room just not feel ‘right’? Did you just ‘know’ why your son was behaving strangely? You DO know. That knowing will not steer you wrong. It’s your compass to get you unstuck, headed in the right direction or to make a decision.

“If you are breathing there is more right with you then wrong” – anonymous


It’s a constant in our lives through good times and bad, day and night. We breathe. But while our breath is always there, sometimes it gets shallow or sometimes we can take a long yoga breath….ahhhhhh! A good way to see how you are in a situation (like stressful encounter with a boss at work) is to tune into your breath. Are you holding your breath, is it shallow? Often when the kiddos are getting us agitated and driving us bananas we start to have quick breaths. Try this week to be aware of your breath in a stressful moment and choose to take a longer, cleansing breath. This will slow your heart rate down, and allow you more time to assess, think and then react. And side benefit of using your breath to calm down in a situation is that your kids will pick up on it and start to chill along with you. Score!

Your Mom Possy:

I don’t have to tell you how important friends and a good support network are. But let me ask you…are you reaching out to them when you really need them? Are you reaching out to your mom-friends when you are emotionally low, when you have an embarrassing question that you think every mom should know, or when you just need a flippin’ nap? How about you give your friends the privilege of helping you. In case you missed it, you should have these five women in your possy, stat!

Intuition, Breath, and Your Support Community are especially critical when you transition back to work after having a baby. Harvard Business Review wrote a nice article about how to manage your emotions as you go back to your career. “Don’t try to sprint the marathon”, and this working motherhood gig is quite the marathon. My passion is to help you as you lace up your shoes. Join the conversation over at the ThriveMomma Facebook page for ongoing support!

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