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Work-Life Contentment Circle

Are you struggling to get it all done as a working mother? Does work-life “balance” feel unachievable?


Join an exclusive tribe of like-minded and supportive moms who are redefining working motherhood…and finally feeling peace (while chasing the toddler)!

Let’s move past “Integration” and let’s feel harmony at work and life. Taking some poetic license here, I’d invite you to see contentment not as a noun but as a verb. Work-life contentment is a daily choice to make every “yes” a sacred one and to say NO like a mom boss.

Ready to feel like you are rockin’ this motherhood every day?!

I will lead you down a path where you are free to define WHO you want to be and have the practical tools to solve some of the most common working mother problems. Here’s how:

Work-life Contentment Circle:

  • 3-months of virtual community calls with an intimate group of working mothers to share your wisdom with and to learn from.
    • Facilitated online meet-ups lead by Elaine
  • Weekly Work-Life Contentment curriculum:
    • Printables with fun exercises
    • Time Management for Busy moms digital tools including:
      • Step by step planning tips
      • Calendars to get your home, work and personal life running smoothly
      • Digital and paper-based planning sheets
    • Meal Planning for busy moms
      • Learn the 5 cooking styles to make weeknights easier
      • Shopping list templates
      • Fridge and pantry checklists
      • Healthy recipes with itemized grocery list
  • Bonus: 1:1 Personalized Work-life Plan
    • Complimentary call with Elaine where you break thru the WLB blocks
    • Post-call customized resources


Coming soon!


To Register:

Email me elaine @  to reserve your spot!



In the San Diego area:

My workshops are valuable opportunities for new mommas to come together, network, laugh, cry, commiserate, and HEAL as a community. I offer a variety of formats, all designed to walk women through the essentials about getting back into the swing of things after maternity leave. Contact me today to learn more.

ThriveMomma Time Management for Busy Moms Workshop

The Thriving as a Busy Mom workshop series is a 3 part series covered over 3 months . This series empowers mamas with practical tools and support to get organized, efficiently running their household and feeling less stressed!

The series will include “Time Management for Busy Moms” and “Meal Planning for Busy Moms”. Both of these workshops help mamas get a clear plan and incorporate smart changes to reduce their time-consuming and draining weekly tasks. But true peace of mind isn’t (finally) getting out the door on time…it starts from within. The “Balance, Presence, and Intuition for Busy Moms” workshop supports her well-being from the inside out as she explores mom-guilt, cultivating mom-intuition and redefining herself in her next phase of life, as an amazing mother!


Time Management for Busy Moms Workshop

Time Management for Busy Moms Workshop ThriveMomma

Don’t wait years to finally feel like you have your stuff together. It’s time to empower busy working and stay-at-home moms with tools to get you organized, efficiently running your household and feeling less stressed.

Our time together will cover:

  • Assess how you spends your day, align priorities
  • Refining morning and night routines
  • Developing ‘work stations’ to make daily tasks easier (i.e homework, pay bills)
  • Meal planning dos and don’ts
  • How to use Evernote to capture and manage pretty much everything
  • Using mindfulness tips to help deal with the stress of a busy life
  • Plan your week

Meal Planning for Busy Moms Workshop


The first step in meal planning has nothing to do with food or the kitchen. It’s about understanding your schedule and what type of cooking style you have energy or time for.

Who should attend:

Busy moms with young children who struggle to find time to cook a healthy meal or who are stuck in a cooking ‘rut’.

You will learn how to:

  • Find the right time, place and tools to successfully meal plan
  • Use different cooking methods to fit your lifestyle
  • Prepare, freeze and repurpose ingredients quickly
  • Find and store great recipes

After attending, moms will receive my Meal Planning Boost tool kit including: Weekly Meal Planning sheet and access to my favorite weeknight recipes.

Balance, Presence, Intuition for Busy Moms


Learning to slow down, become present and trust your inner wisdom is the single greatest tool you have as a mother. Motherhood does not mean losing yourself, it’s redefining who you are as woman, partner and mama.

Who should attend:

Moms with young children who feel disconnected, stressed out, too busy to enjoy life, or seeking to live more mindfully.

You will learn how to:

  • Live alongside mom-guilt
  • Reduce stress with everyday mindfulness tips
  • Follow your mom-intuition in four easy steps
  • Never lose your true self in motherhood
  • Create a space for “me time”

After attending, moms will receive my Mom-Intuition Boost tool kit including: Momtra™ inspiration list, mindful living journal and the one minute meditation.

Return To Work After Maternity Leave Workshop


return to work after maternity leave workshop

Learn how to prepare your baby, your employer and yourself to gracefully go back to work after maternity leave. Design your return-to-work game plan using checklists and timelines for the “must-dos”. Know your rights and be able to successfully schedule pump time at work. Enjoy mindful techniques to support your emotional well-being. Each mom receives a free copy of the “InstantThrive Guidebook” for continued guidance as you go back to work and beyond.

Email me elaine @ to learn more!