Finding Joy Anywhere

As I play with trains on the family room floor with two lovies and my hubby, I glance over at my man and we mentally say “this is an awesome MOMENT”.  And in those long periods (8 minutes) between screaming and toy wars, all is right with the world. We are reminded why it’s great to be a parent. But the truth is that those awesome moments are always the plain-old days. Nothing special, just precious moments on a normal day.

As I realized that I intentionally  started to find joy in the everyday, boring, simple stuff. And as I started to show gratitude in the small, free, run-of-the-mill stuff…my life began to feel like picking up little bread crumbs of joy.  I wasn’t waiting for a vacation 6 months from now to be happy…I find happiness in my coffee cup.

Here is my list of (free or almost) free stuff that brings joy:

Ahhhhhh! The joy of cinnamon sugar grinder on a morning coffee
Ahhhhhh! The joy of cinnamon sugar grinder on a morning coffee
  •  Cinnamon sugar grinder. It’s almost as if it angles sing “ahhhhhhhhh” and beams of light shoot out of it when I open my cupboard, I love it that much. One little twist and it lovingly sprinkles fairy dust on my morning quazi-latte. I also take that time to say a prayer, or Momtra™ or intention for the day as I dust my coffee with yumminess.  So as I twist I say “sending love to the planet” or “today is a gift”
  • Sunsets…need I say more. This San Diego winter has been exceptional for orangey-red splashed skies. I’m in awe!  Dr. Wayne Dyer teaches “be astonished and tell someone…that is the way to enlightenment.” Being in awe is a good first step.
    • Bubbles. You know you have like 15 bubble jars laying around. I just get giddy when the little rainbow covered bubbles appear and pop with delight. So ephemeral. Ephemeral, by the way is the only word I remember from my high school SAT prep-course. That’s some $ well spent, right mom?
    • Candles. Even though these cost more than “nearly free”…I feel so grounded and warm when I light one. That little spark of light is like how a warm hug feels. I’m typing away with a deliciously smelly one next to me right now.
    • Warm breeze. We are so spoiled here to get this most of the year. But I don’t take it for granted. And think about it, our distant ancestors were warmed by the same sun. They looked up at the same moon….trippy.
    • Lemons. They boost flavor in ANYTHING and they are such a cheery color. They also look gorgeous hanging out together in a bowl in the kitchen. Thanks little sunshine orbs.
    • Art. And you don’t have to purchase it. Museums, walking by gallery. I’m in awe again that a person made that from NOTHING….the creative mind is so fascinating and inspiring to me.

My point with all this shenanigans is to inspire you to find some joy in the ordinary, the everyday and the simple. Love is all around and practicing finding the beauty in anything we see will start to bring more beauty into everything of your life. As I once heard “what you focus on, grows” so by being in a state of gratitude even in the boring moments…you attract more goodness to you.

Give it a try…what free (or nearly free) thing brings you joy? Share some love and leave a comment!

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