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3 ways to a better me in 2015

Over the holiday break I had time to chill, marinate in some lovely family time, and stole some moments to get a fresh perspective on life. What do I care about? What was out of whack in 2014 that I need to work on? How do I want to show up in 2015?

At first I had a feeling of a ginormous amount of gratitude for my family, healthy kids, great job, and that have accomplished so much etc. But there was a twinge of “at what cost?” While I gained so much and my life was as full as Christina Hendrick’s bra, my dark secret was that I didn’t listen to my body through the ups or downs of last year. I didn’t stop and slow down when I should have. And I physically and emotionally paid the price. My husband likes to say that I have a Type A personality which meant I was on a go-go-go mode. Go at home, go at work, go at play. I wouldn’t call that Type A, I call it life as a working mom. Ok maybe slightly Type A.

So personal proclamation time!

I’m committing to E.S.P. in 2015

What the [beep] am I talking about? No, I’m not suddenly telepathic. Although the three words that make up the ESP revolve around listening…listening to my body, in particular. As I’m growing as a woman, a mom and a citizen of the world, I’ve come to realize that I have so much power and so much wisdom right at my own front door. And all the wisdom shouts at me but I’m not able to slow down, say no and let it go (aaaaaaand cue Elsa’s high note) enough to hear myself.

My commitment to myself in 2015 is Energy.Sleep.Play. More of all of these will balance out my life and here is how you can do it too…

E is for Energy. I believe that our bodies speak to us. We can understand how much stress we under by what junk food we are craving. As whoo whoo as this may sound, I believe that our ailments/illnesses are the ways of our bodies speak to us. So to tap into our inner wisdom we must first look at our inner energy barometer. Do you wake up tired? (Lactating moms are the true champs and the answer is a resounding yes!) Do you feel drained by a particular co-worker? When are you the most energized?

Take action: Tuning into your level of energy in a moment will tell you what to do next. Coffee is not the answer (although is a beautiful thing). Caffeine will not fix an unmet inner desire. I’m committing to always being aware of what is sucking or reviving my energy…and take action to restore my energetic well-being.

S is for Sleep. Oh sweet nectar of life, all hail to the almighty good night’s sleep! I know many of the ThriveMommas out there are still at the mercy of baby’s sleepless night. I’m sending you the warmest digital hug. This too shall pass…and hoping your baby will pass out too! Now that I’m recently past that phase I’m re-commiting to a good night’s sleep. That is so bitter-sweet to me because after the kids go to sleep is my ME TIME! Whoo hoo FREEDOM! And frankly that’s when I have time to write ThriveMomma stuff. But getting a good night’s sleep helps every aspect of my life, it’s no fricken joke!! My hubby is happier, I’m nicer to my kids, I can remember the crazy amount of stuff for my job. Not just me squakin’, the importance of sleep is scientifically proven. I found this website that promotes sleep for kids, so cool…

Take action: I’m going to have to say no. Sorry Heidi I can’t watch Project Runway. No I can’t take on one more writing gig. No is so short but takes so long to master. I commit to my night time well-being as much as my daytime well-being.

P is for Play. Don’t ask my hubby how he interprets this one 🙂 but what I’d love to experience is more play in my life. I have SO MUCH to do that I often over-schedule and under-enjoy my days. Here is what more play means for me: spontaneity, a weekend without laundry, experiencing simple joys, a calm mind able to wander and wonder, giggle-fests, a mai-tai on a Monday, laughing at my mistakes, laughing till my cheeks hurt, making other people laugh, laughing some more.

Take action: I commit to a conscious effort to let go of the notion that I control everything, lighten up, laugh more and allow for more room for play!

Ahhhh, I already feel better. I hope my personal commitment to a better version of myself has inspired you. What are you committing to in 2015? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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