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Empowered Summit Live interview starting Oct 3rd

September 20th, 2016 | no comments


I’m thrilled to be a speaker on this FREE online summit! Cathy has brought together all the right women who can Shifting the conversation from Momma Illness to Momma Wellness. The focus will be on self-care, prevention, and how new moms can take-charge of their own postpartum health!

Empowered Mama Live

In my interview we covered maternity leave planning, how to define your “new normal” as a mom and how to deal with the overwhelm of motherhood.

What you can learn from the interview series:

  • How to spot the warning signs when what you are experiencing is more than just the baby blues, and how to get the right help
  • Time management tips and preparing for the transition back to work for working moms (including ‘the pumping conversation’ with your boss)
  • How to rediscover yourself after the new mom identity crisis
  • Mindfulness tools, self-care practices, rituals, and ways to prioritize your own needs not only for yourself but also for your beautiful baby
  • Tips on how to best plan for the postpartum and experience ease in the 4th Trimester!

Learn more here! Or check out her video!


As a Working Mom Support Coach I offer virtual and in-person emotional and practical guidance organizing the back-to-work transition.

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