Can’t Miss Black Friday Sales — For Moms!

Can’t Miss Black Friday Deals 

Yes, the usual suspects (Amazon, Target, Old Navy) will have awesome deals on Black Friday.  I’ve rounded up some lesser known, and equally awesome brands, that you can snag some great deals on!  

  • Le Tote:  Run don’t walk to the Le Tote Black Friday Sale right now.  If you don’t know about Le Tote it pretty much changed my life.  

Side note:  Le Tote is a fashion subscription service that lets you rent clothes and accessories for a flat monthly fee.  Le Tote is practically my sole source for maternity clothes and is WAY less expensive than building an entire maternity wardrobe.  Unfortunately, being pregnant does not come with a hall pass to wear yoga pants and ThriveDaddy’s t-shirts to work (at least not for me).  Le Tote also has non-maternity clothes so it’s not pregnant-momma specific.

I started using Le Tote before I was pregnant and it allows me to wear approx. 4 new outfits a week without ever having to purchase the clothes.  I’ve worn literally thousands of dollars worth of clothes at this point. You can keep the clothes for as long or as short as you want. The second the post office scans your returned clothes Le Tote starts styling your next Tote!  Once the Le Tote stylist have finished, you can customize your Tote by swapping items in and out.

You can use this link to get your first Tote for FREE!

Back to the Black Friday Sale though — Clothes are marked down like 80% both maternity and non!  Brands like: Summer & Sage, Calvin Klein, Vince Camuto, Badgley Mischka, Noir, etc. Spoil yourselves ladies!

  • L’ovedbaby:  One of my FAVORITE baby brands will have 50% of past collections and $5 per piece of non-organic cotton basic.  These clothes are soft, durable and all around wonderful. Most pieces are organic cotton and all ethically manufactured.  They’ll make a GREAT gift for any expecting mothers in your life! I registered for L’ovedbaby one pieces like crazy with ThriveToddler and new ThriveBaby is going to wear ALL the hand-me-downs!  

P.S. They also have matching Holiday PJs for you and baby!

  • Blurb Books:  Starting when ThriveDaddy and I got married, I’ve had a tradition of giving him a photo book that summarizes our year in review.  Last year, I made one for ThriveToddler too. It’s one of my favorite gifts to put together and, years from now, I envision the whole family sitting down with hot cocoa and Irish coffee (my ability to day drink will return right?), recounting memories from photos in these books and having a good laugh.  Anyway, the photo books from Blurb Books are beautiful, customizable and super high quality. Best part — they’re having a huge Black Friday sale!  (P.S. 35% off for new customers if you use the link above)

  • BLANQI:  My favorite maternity and postpartum source of leggings and tank tops.  Seriously, the leggings and tank tops from BLANQI changed my life and made my bump and postpartum-ness feel supported after ThriveToddler was born.  I lounge in these leggings, workout in these leggings, go to the grocery store in these leggings, you name it. The down side — they are NOT cheap. For example, a pair of leggings will run you $88.  Enter their Black Friday sale and those $88 leggings become $44 leggings.
    • They’re also running a giveaway for a free pair of leggings!  Click here and follow BLANQI on Insta!
  • 23andMe:  This one is super fun (and super nerdy).  In 3 simple steps 23andMe will tell you all sorts of things about your DNA you probably never knew!  You can get all sorts of reports on a wide variety of things: Ability to Match Musical Pitch (didn’t need a DNA kit to tell ThriveMomma this but it did confirm that my inability to sing on tune is my ancestors fault!); Caffeine Consumption – are you genetically predisposition-ed to drink more or less coffee?  Also, more serious stuff like which genetic diseases you might be more predisposed as well. Right now kits are $30 if you buy 1 and $50 off if you buy 2!

And don’t forget, Saturday is Small Business Saturday!  Head to your local shops and support some small business!

(Some, not all, of the links above are affiliate links which means that you subsidize my shopping habits if you click through and purchase something.  Mostly, these are products I really love!)

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