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My memories of breastfeeding only a couple years back are a mix of pure joy and pure headache. The leaking, the timing, the whining, the longest nights of your life. But then also a physiological and loving bond so wonderful that it is hard to put into words. Well since it’s Breastfeeding Week, this week’s blog is all about high and low tech ways moms can feel supported while nursing.

Put Your Phone to Good Use.

You’ve got a personal computer in the palms of your hands, tracking breastfeeding is the perfect excuse for a rad app! I’ve scoured the forums, asked new moms and tried out a few and here are some you should consider!

  1. iBaby Feed Timer. It’s a whopping $3.99 so it’s not free but well worth the ity bity cost. You can track feedings, solids, diaper changing all rolled into one. There were some bug fixes early on but looks like the recent version fixed them up.
  2. The Nursing Log. This is basic nursing tracker with reminder alert for the next feeding. But let’s face it, with no sleep and a screaming baby basic may be best! And this puppy is free.
  3. Baby Connect is a super comprehensive app and it better be with it’s steep price tag of $4.99. I still trip out that such cool and essential technology that we use all day, everyday is less than a latte. Lucky us! The app is more colorful and has insightful graphs and you can track everything from baby milestones to sleep tracking to feeding and diapering. It’s robust and will take you slightly longer to enter in data simply because you have a few more menus to cruise.

Low Tech and Highly Effective.

My husband and I always joke that we conceived, named, labored and delivered our first child, Aubrey, using apps. Well I kept track of the countless feedings and remembering which side with some trusty low tech methods instead.

  1. MilkMinder Band bracelet that you wear on the wrist that you last nursed on. There is a sliding indicator so that you can also manage which hour down to the quarter hour. This is critical for the first few weeks of feeding when supply and demand is whack or baby is all whack and you are all sorts of crazy from lack of sleep. After a while, feedings space out, your breasts let you know which one is fullest by the feel and you have gotten into a rhythm with baby.
  2. Paper charts. Good ‘old paper and pen are super handy and easy to see the trends of the whole day on one piece of paper. For some moms, navigating the apps is harder to see then a piece of paper. Here is a simple log to track a full week. Here is great breastfeeding diary for any new mom, and it looks pretty too.

I applaud you for giving breastfeeding a go. It’s worth the pain, time and emotional investment to breastfeed baby. Hope these tools can help you keep track and keep sane! What is your favorite app? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. BriGeeski August 3, 2015 at 4:19 pm

    I used the iBaby Feed Timer and it really helped. Now I just go with the flow. It is really helpful in those early days though.


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