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So glad you have thought about your return to work after maternity leave. I wrote this eBook because after I went through such a tough time transitioning with my first daughter, I decided that new moms deserve better!

Over six months after my second child was born I researched, consulted with experts (women I so admire), sprinkled in my own mom-tips and wrote this labor of love!

Going off maternity leave changes everything. How you spend your time (with and without baby), what you wear, what you eat, how you feel about yourself, how you move your body…EVERYTHING changes when you go back to work. So this guide really helps walk you through it all.

InstantThrive eGuidebook

The InstantThrive eBook supports your work and home life:

  • Returning to work
  • Pumping at work
  • Childcare
  • Career
  • Kitchen and meal planning

Supports your wellness from within:

  • Mental and emotional state of mind
  • Physical well-being
  • Relationships
  • Spirit

Writing this filled my soul up, and I know so many moms are hungry this info! So who is this eBook for?

  • New moms still on maternity leave
  • Pregnant mothers who know they are going back to work
  • Experienced moms who need a refresher

This eBook is NOT for:

  • Moms who feel confident with all areas of their life while returning back to work
  • Moms who will stay at home  (NOTE: while a lot of the chapters cover details that SAHM would really benefit from, the first part focuses on the going-back-to-work process)

Sneak a peek and preview the book.

InstantThrive ebook ThriveMomma Elaine McGhee

I also believe that a book will never answer every question. Some of the most common questions I get are:

  • When should I start pumping and freezing?
  • How will I EVER be able to leave my baby and go back to work?
  • What are my rights when it comes to pumping and getting paid for that time?
  • I’m really sad, how do I deal with that?!
  • How will I find the time do it all?!

Mama, struggled with the same questions and made so many mistakes! Questions like these deserve a conversation and some reassurance you are NOT going crazy, you are NOT a bad mom and you ARE going to be fine! In fact, the working mom life lifestyle can be a very gratifying experience. You just nee the right info and caring support.

So with every eBook purchase you get a free 15-min call with me! Nothing brings me more joy than connecting and uplifting my tribe of dedicated mamas!


Contact Elaine @ ThriveMomma . Com for your copy.

How to use the ebook:

Each chapter of this 30-page book is designed to support each area of your life. You will get clear, practical advice, easy tips and then wraps up with my favorite Momtra: mantras for working mamas. Read a chapter a day or turn to the chapter covering an area that you need help with that week.

Are you ready to finally FEEL ready!

Hugs and cheers,


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