Beware of Day 2

A Juice Cleanse cleans out so much more than your body!
A Juice Cleanse cleans out so much more than your body!

There comes a point where you have to clean stuff out. Clean your closets, rearrange your kitchen, or donating the 13 tons of old toys your kids are too old for. Or, the infamous day when my hubby cleaned out 34 empty water bottles from my car. (Those were the days when I drank water from plastic bottles, it makes me so sick and sad to think about how MANY bottles that just threw away. Where is away?) I’m not adverse to cleaning physical stuff out, but did I have enough courage to do some “inner” cleaning?

Well it was time for me to clean my body via a juice cleanse. I had heard about the benefits, I was already on the green juice bandwagon (one of my green juice heroes is Kris Carr) and frankly, I was finally aware of my almost robotic, habitual and wigging-me-out ways I reached for sugary delights! Juice Cleanse does a body good.

I choose Jubliee Juices via a groupon because they were good quality, affordable and DELIVERED to my house. Can I get an amen?! But in my research I also learned Suja Juices are top quality and sold at Whole Foods so you could just pick them up everyday. DisclaimHER…women, juice cleanses are good but don’t go crazy expensive!

To say I was anxious, nervous, doubting if I could do it and slightly excited all rolled in an organic, cold-pressed green juice cocktail, would be about right. Well, I did survive and guess what, it wasn’t that bad. Spoiler…it’s more of a mental challenge than physical. Here are my tips for a 3-day Juice Cleanse Success:

  1. Don’t go alone. Juice cleanse advertisements should only say “Juice cleanse with girlfriends”. You gotta have a girlfriend who you can text “I want a crunchy thing!” and not feel guilty about it. Hold each other accountable because your mind will find ways to cheat.
  2. Wean off vices. Think about cutting way back on coffee, alcohol and sugar prior to juicing. You might get headaches from withdrawals.
  3. Proper tools. If your juice cleanse gives you big jugs of juice and you have to measure out so many oz. I recommend my cup I got off amazon. Glass with measurement lines and a lid. You also need a refrigerator nearby at all times. A toilet nearby. I got this water tracking app because you have to drink 8 glasses on top of the juice…a toilet flush will
  4. Get plenty of sleep. Everyone is different, some peeps may feel sleepy. Just go easy for those days and get plenty of sleep. Your body is getting rocked so be patient.
  5. Write it down. There were some “ah-ha” moments, some “I’m so hungry” moments, and some “I’m awesome moments”. You awaken to your relationship with food. The frequency, the obsession, the constant thought stream. It was crazy how just walking into the kitchen would mean that I SHOULD eat. I was even printing out recipes to make while I was on a cleanse. Write down your thoughts about food, what you realized about your habitual behavior ect.
  6. Day 2 isn’t fun. Day 1 you are excited and like bambi wobbling around on his new legs. Day 2 reality sets in and you are like “what the hell was I thinking?” Day three you say “I could do this for 3 more days”. Just like that…keep at it, it’s so worth it.
  7. Ease back in. You will be on a high from your accomplishment and when you go back to eating your portion size. Go slow. Celebrate the small portion sizes. Try to keep that portion size going as long as you can. We eat too much and this is the best way to keep portion size small.

A juice cleanse cleans out way more than your body, it’s a mental challenge that re-sets your perception of food, grounds you an energizes your whole being. Enjoy the ride and happy juicing!!!!

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