10 Ways Busy Moms Can Save Time

Happy Mother’s Day! What a fun 10 days it’s been sharing my Bad-Ass Times Savings Tips series. I got so much great feedback and lots of love shared on Instagram. If your interested in more, cruise over and find out about the Time Management for Busy Moms workshop coming up at the end of the month! In case you missed it here are the 10 tips. Leave a comment below sharing which one you are going to try out this week!

Bad Ass Time Savings Tip 1 ThriveMomma

TIP 1: Grocery list tracking throughout the week. We are kicking off the Bad Ass Time Saving Tip series today with a great way to keep track of what you need to buy as you run out. I use this paper form and its up on my fridge so as soon as I run out of butter I circle it! Don’t waste time on Sunday night trying to remember what needs to go on the list! 

Bad Ass Time Savings Tip 2 ThriveMomma

TIP 2: “Mise en Place” is a French them for “putting in place”, in other words, everything you need is ready to go. Get out every ingredient, mixing bowls, utensils, measuring cups and a trash bowl or trash can BEFORE you start. So you literally don’t need to move from where you are standing while preparing a meal. I learned this from Personal Chef, Michelle Keonig during our Restful Nights, Balanced Days Workshop (new dates coming soon !!)

Bad Ass Time Savings Tip 3 ThriveMomma

Tip 3: Sunday Night Planning. This is a must-do for all the Bad Ass Mamas out there. Take 15 min and figure out the meals, schedules, birthday parties and anything you need to plan for this coming week. Fess up, do you do this every week?!?! This is my #momcave and my planner, laptop and a MUST HAVE for planning = a candle! It helps to make a boring task to be special! Are you gonna do this tonight?!?!

Bad Ass Time Savings Tip 4 ThriveMomma

Tip 4: if it’s not on a calendar it’s not real. Create a shared Google calendar with your husband. Don’t waste any more time trying to figure out what you have going on this week. I even put my dinners on there so I don’t get the dreaded “what’s for dinner?”

Bad Ass Time Savings Tip 5 ThriveMomma

Tip 5: freeze portion-sized meals from this week’s crockpot enjoy on a busy night next week. On the label write the name of the dish, date and a little love note to yourself. Go ahead and be cheesy. Your future self will trip out at how much you really needed to hear that wonderful message that day.

Bad Ass Time Savings Tip 6 ThriveMomma

Tip 6: Take three deep breaths before getting out of your car. This may not seem like a time-saving tip but in fact it will prevent the worry/anxiety/stress time. Taking a couple seconds to get centered and present before you move to the next phase of your day will save you time. We have very long days. We have a morning shift getting the kids ready, day shift at work, night shift with the kids and then after-hours. Besides the one free hour to ourselves from like 9-10:02pm we have to take micro-moments to recharge our battery throughout the day. 3 deep breaths will get us in the “now” and allow us to not bring work-stress home or guilt from home to our work.

Bad Ass Time Savings Tip 7 ThriveMomma

Tip 7: Activity stations help save time but keeping all the stuff you need to do the task all in one location. Think about daily weekly or monthly tasks you do in your house. Get a cute basket/bin and you are ready to go. A few examples are: bill paying, restaurant toy bag for the kids and my favorite…spa bin. This pic shows my bin with Epsom salts, book, EO, and of course candles. By keeping all of it ready to go I save time trying to find my book or matches. What activity station will you create?

Bad Ass Time Savings Tip 8 ThriveMomma

Tip 8: Take 15 min and declutter a drawer. If you can feel good about your junk drawer, you can feel good about your life. Taking these few minutes to deal with a messy space now will save you countless minutes of frustration down the road. Thanks Andi Wickman for the tip! While we are on the topic of organization, next week’s guest blog is from a good friend who is a Professional Organizer. Hallelujah! In case you were wondering, yes, that is a fart machine in this junk drawer. Life is way too serious and I can’t help but chuckle every time it goes off when I close the drawer.

Bad Ass Time Savings Tip 9 ThriveMomma

Tip 9: Unsubscribe from old email distributions. Much like in tip 8, set your timer for 10 minutes and opt-out of emails that you don’t read in awhile. Have you opened their email in the past 3 month or do you think you might want to read it in the upcoming 3 months? If not then, adios! Taking a few minutes now will save you frustration and wasted time having to delete every week.

Bad Ass Time Savings Tip 10 ThriveMomma

TIP 10: Make a Stop, Start and Help list.  Well this tip is all about stopping stuff that doesn’t serve you, starting healthy habits/positive tasks and ASKING FOR HELP. As busy mamas we often take on way too much so getting in a habit of asking for help is a good thing. Your Stop list should always be longer than your start. Don’t just do this in your head either. Writing will set you free. I just wish I had spell check for my pen.

Well mama?! What do you think? Leave a comment below with the tip that you will start to use today!

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  1. Joann Woolley May 11, 2015 at 4:39 pm

    Love these ideas…. I need to carve out some time to implement one each week – baby steps!

  2. Maureen Walker May 11, 2015 at 6:29 pm

    I can use pretty much all of these. Thanks for the bad ass tips!

    1. emcghee May 11, 2015 at 7:29 pm

      That was my goal Maureen to make them simple and easy to do TODAY. All the best to you in your mama journey!

  3. emcghee May 11, 2015 at 7:28 pm

    Right on Joann! Little changes add up to big ones! Enjoy the ride!!


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