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Do you feel like you are living the dream or are you stuck in a nightmare? My 5 year old’s dream is to teach “animal-bonding classes”. She dreams of teaching birds, dogs, and narwhals to love each other. Beyond my amBad ass time savings tipsusement at the narwhal reference, she touched my heart with her desire to teach about love. Don’t you wish adults had the same intention?!

Well I have a dream for YOU. Are you ready? I want you to be a BAD ASS mama! Not some happy, content mom. No. Be the woman/wife/employee that you really want to be, where the full expression of your loveliness is free and running wild. I want you to feel like you have your shit together and rocking your (busy, crazy, wonderful) life with grace, positive energy and joy! I want you to no longer feel stuck, overwhelmed, stressed or one step behind. Being a bad-ass mama is about getting a hold of your time, your priorities and learning some new tricks so you can finally feel like the rock star mom you ARE.

I’m bursting at the seams to share with you some seriously easy ways to tweak how you run your busy household that over time will save you a legit amount of time and frustration. Ok, drum roll please. (I can’t help myself, I’m married to a drummer.)

Starting May 1 and through Mother’s Day May 10, I’ll be posting one of my favorite Bad Ass Time Saver Tips. They are stinkin’ simple tips around meals, organization, planning or mindfulness that will help you feel saner, I promise.

And to spice it up, on Mother’s Day, I’ll be awarding 3 moms each with a FREE 30-minute Time Management Boot Camp call with me! This exclusive, one-on-one call solves your toughest time management challenges on your terms (and even in your pajamas, I won’t tell).

To enter to win:

1. Follow me on Instagram
2. Tag a friend in the comments of any pics from May 1-10.

Each tag is an entry to win. More friends tagged, the merrier for you!

Three winning mamas (who have tagged a friend) will be picked at random on Mother’s Day. I’m super pumped to share all the goodies and have some great conversations over on IG.

Hugs and cheers,

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