I’m so glad you are here. You found the right spot.

I was in your shoes not long ago…

Returning to work after the birth of my first daughter was harder than I thought it was going to be (can you say, Hot Mess?!). The truth is that I didn’t prepare my baby, my boss or my brain for going back and it left me emotionally traumatized. After finding my way back and figuring things out I felt a calling to be of service and  to support other women…and ThriveMomma was born.

I know what it’s like…

After my first daughter was born I returned to my job following my maternity leave, only to have my boss find me sobbing at my desk and unable to make it through two days. My baby wasn’t taking a bottle, I had stressed my childcare and on an emotional level I was feeling inadequate, guilty, burnt out, and anxious over my performance as a mother and as an employee. Sound familiar?

Looking back, I see that I lacked community…

The drama of returning to work led me on a journey to research, speak with and learn from other new mommas. I quickly learned how much I lacked a basic support system and how much I needed one.

Becoming a mother causes you to radically changes you into a new version of yourself, yet society largely expects women to return to work acting and performing as the person they were before their baby arrived. It takes a loving, supportive community to help navigate a successful re-entry to the workplace, and a new set of expectations for everyone involved.

No matter what your situation is, you can build this support system and LOVE your new life; and I want to help you do it.

What I have learned…

There is a “secret recipe” for gracefully returning to work that prepares your family, your partner, your boss, your childcare provider, your bank account, your support network, and your mind, body and spirit!

I have learned that with some support and attention to this formula you CAN have all the elements in your new life that you are looking for, and your baby and family will thank you for it.

Remember, it’s going to be OKAY.


My favorite ways to take care of myself as a busy momma:

Being busy does not give us permission to neglect ourselves. Sleep is proably my favorite way to pamper myself but in addition here are some more:

1)   A one-minute meditation (check out my blog for details on how I do it).

2)   Using my pumping sessions as mini-retreats.

3)   Indulging in sensuous body washes to make my showers super soothing.

4)   Coconut-oil self massage before a shower.

5)   Education: learning something new feeds your brain and heart. Where does your curiosity want to take you?

About me and my fam

I am a Working Mom Support Coach and I founded ThriveMomma to help new moms confidently go back to work after maternity leave and find balance as a working mother. I work part time for a lovely corporation and feel fortunate enough to follow my passion and coach moms on the side.

My professional training is in marketing an project management, which has come in handy for my new Time Management services debuting in 2015! If I’m pro in project management then I’m semi-pro in mindfulness. My world opened up when I started to use the Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) techniques in my personal life and my clients have been loving it as wel. Being present in the moment is are greatest tool for sanity in this crazy-busy life!

My husband Mike is surrounded by 4 blondes, me, Aubrey (4 years old), Kendall (2 years old) and our new (cute yet incessantly chewing) puppy Lola. We live in San Diego and love live music, sipping a fresh green juice and adventures in our swagger wagon.

I’d love to be there for you on your journey, email me to get started!

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