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Welcome to ThriveMomma

Raise a glass and toast yourself! You have found a community of working moms who are balancing the demands of home, work, kids, and at the same time nurturing their divine spirit within! How? We MAKE the time, we COMMIT to our wellness, and we CULTIVATE a healthy inner world. Because when we start from that place, contentment and joy flow out of us to our family, our community, our city and beyond.

Welcome to the ThriveMomma community! My mission is to provide a place for moms to find all the right information for going back to work and to continue to flourish well beyond in all areas of your life.

What makes a ThriveMomma?

In a beautifully nutritious nut(shell) here is what we stand for:

  1. Intuition! We have the wisest grandmothers who has been through it all and knows all living right inside our noggins! I am passionate about teaching and empowering all moms to tap into that inner voice of truth that guides us all. You DO have your answer. Stay tuned for the “4 I’s of Mommahood” process that will allow you to tap into this power and make decisions easier using 4 simple steps. To learn how to start trusting your mom-tuition read a recent blog post about your mom super power…intuition!
  2. Recognize and commit to only activities and mental thoughts that lifts us up! We have enough stresses and demands that watching negative news, beating myself up mentally over a mistake or hanging out with annoying friends will only add to the craziness. Allow for only good: books, food, family activities, Facebook posts, mental thoughts to exist in your world.
  3. Living consciously and mindfully is a transformative and gorgeous way of being. Simply start to be aware of thoughts, meaningless actions and patterns of behavior that bring you down. That little effort will allow you to see how by gently looking at those, you can then begin to stop doing some of the destructive thinking and begin to live a dynamic, meaningful life that is way beyond your current limited thoughts. To learn more, click here.
  4. Connecting to other working moms with helpful info is vital to our ever-changing needs as kids grow and demand evolve.  Sign up for my Thrive Thursday Blog! It’s a great place for practical and often inspiring info! My goal (but I’ll geek-out on you, really my JOY) is to inform, inspire and uplift you to be your best in this madly demanding life as a working mom.
  5. We just don’t try to find time, we intentionally make time for all areas our lives. It’s not acceptable anymore to work all day, take care of your kids, be there for your man and then deny doing an activity that is your bliss! A fulfilled momma is a better employee, mom, wife, community member….and on and on! I am living this principal today. I make time in my day, well really it’s at night after the kids go to sleep to work on my passion…ThriveMomma!
  6. Be empowered to create a balanced and fulfilling life as a working mom! That’s exactly what the ThriveMomma Signature System does by combining practical info, tips, checklists weaved together with affirmations and mindful-living methods. To learn more click on the Services tab.
  7. We are never done growing and improving our husbands. Just kidding. Moms are tested everyday in so many ways. I mean look how well you survived on one hour of sleep last night (and you were breastfeeding during that hour).  We are a work-in-progress and we lovingly allow ourselves to learn from mistakes, but more importantly to share the wins, the mom-wisdom, and the love whenever possible.

If this resonated with you, leave a comment below. What makes you a ThriveMomma?

Hugs and Cheers to you all!!!

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