9 ways to be in the flow of life

flow of lifeIf you told me 20 months ago after having my second daughter that I would be starting a business in my spare time (you remember what spare time was like, right?) I would have said… “you SO CRAZY!” But as I’ve been inspired to start this business helping working moms I’ve realized that I did things differently. And the best part was that I didn’t even realize I did things differently, I just did it that way because I had no time and no expectations.
As it all evolved I realized that passion is not just working hard for something. It’s different then work. Your passion bubbles up from your soul and heart and fills you up! It doesn’t bring life you to you, YOU become the life you want to live! So spending time writing an eBook, writing blogs and researching for my future momma clients became so joyful, energizing, and like a game, not work.
Here is what I did differently to cruise on the river of life and make my dream come true:

  • Adjusting without any judgment. Recognizing when something is stuck/not going the way I planned I just turned on a dime, without attaching any failure or emotion to it. I just moved on.
  • Following my intuition. Following your gut is THE #1 thing I tell moms if they want to be successful at navigating mommahood. It literally is my most favorite topic to research, talk about and put into practice in my own life. I simply followed a treasure map of hunches.
  • Trusting my inner wisdom. It is one thing to follow your intuition but trusting it, is quite another story. But I knew instantly when something was not a fit. Trusting the money will be there. Trusting my path was the right one.
  • Being open. Open to signs, open to positivity, open to anything.  I didn’t define the outcome, I just initiated the journey and allowed it to unfold.
  • No limits. With no time pressure, there is room to explore. This was so refreshing because in our busy/scheduled lives, leaving room for stuff to just happen, is so refreshing.
  • Feeling into it. This one is also about intuition. I told you it’s my favorite topic. But part of it is feeling when it’s right or when it’s off. Your inner voice speaks through you, not in words, but in feelings.
  • Knowing when to ask for help. I asked and accepted help in whatever form. And didn’t feel like I failed because I needed help.
  • Keeping boundaries. I still had to live my life with my fam, my hubby, friends and do a great job at my work. I admit this one was challenging because I was diggin’ the creative process.

I look back at this process and I was truly in the flow of life! It was an easy process because I let it happen, let it unfold and I was a joyful participant. Obstacles would come up and I wouldn’t freak out…I would say “this is the journey”, “there is something better around the corner”. Wouldn’t that be so great if we could live this way all the time?!

What is one thing you can do to today to be in the flow of life?!


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