5 non-photo album ways to remember your vacation

vacation memories ThriveMommaYou had me at, swim-up bar. We had the chance to take our second annual kid-free vacation with some friends, and I have to say, I needed it for my marriage.  Four straight days chilling in a big house doing whatever the heck we wanted. No bedtimes, no picky eating, no toys squabbles, no screaming and best of all, no whining!

Motherhood: Four days a year when you can do whatever the hell you want.

What is it about vacation that is so rejuvenating? Answer: the magical lack of laundry!  But on a deeper level, the escape from reality made me realize a few things about vacations:

  • Your routine is busted so you don’t fall into the same energetic rut
  • Your surroundings are new and often beautiful and inspiring. Your day becomes an adventure.
  • Aside from the fact that you don’t have to WORK, you get to spontaneous (what’s that?!)
  • You wake up with a sense of wonder, appreciation, excitement, and/or contentment

As busy women we have every moment scheduled, we may work too much and of course we care for baby 24/7. Vacation gives us a chance to relax, be adventurous and most importantly, HAVE FUN. Don’t let the fun-loving spirit of summer fade.

Here’s how you can bring a little summer vacation joy back into your everyday life:

  • Memento move. A lovely photo or a tchotchke can keep that holiday memory alive. But find a new spot for it every once in a while like your car, a closet wall or even surprise yourself by putting it in a drawer you don’t open that much.
  • Make a vacation shrine. Find a little shelf where you can gather ticket stubs, river rocks, a silly photo or anything that you got on your trip. Visit that shelf when you feel down, overwhelmed
  • Schedule up the next one. The quickest way to excited again about vacation is to book another one! Staycation, weekend camping, even camping in your own backyard. Vacation isn’t real until it’s on your Google calendar.
  • Be a storyteller. I still tell the story of how I hailed a taxi with my college friend in Munich and halfway through drive to our hostel we realize that we actually just hoped in some dude’s BMW who stopped at the red light in front of us. I get to re-live that beer-soaked, fun night over and over with every story.
  • Let the good times, snore. Right before you lay down to sleep think about your fabulous trip, feel the good feeling in your body and then drift off to sleep. Often we are running our to-dos or mulling over that Facebook post instead of gently drifting off to la la land. Feeling happy as you fall asleep helps your mind, body and spirit.

So as summer winds down, it’s still not too late to feel the warmth of a sandy beach on your toes, even if it’s from the comfort of your own mind.

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  1. Kali Patterson September 4, 2015 at 5:50 pm

    I need a vacation badly! We are going on a mini getaway this weekend, but the little lady is coming. It will be great, but I’m looking forward to a calm vacation with my hubs one day! These are great ideas to remember a great vacation and will try it after this one!


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