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grow blog postI’m all about intuition and trusting your mom-intuition. I teach it and live it. So I thought. Well, it’s easy enough when the problem at hand is common or innocent. But when someone with a higher degree or more training tells you something concerning about your to really rock your foundation. I know my smart, shy, and sensitive girl. And while others may see something different my mom-intuition was clear saying she is fine. The tricky part is “being independent of the good opinions of others.” How do you trust your voice and leave it at that. When I was up at 2am on the worry train I finally snapped out of the worrisome thoughts and said “I can’t do anything about it right now.” And finally feel back to sleep.  While I may have been on rollercoaster I used a few techniques to ground myself that I’d love to share and how you can use when

  1. Breathe differently. And by that I mean the same yoga breathe that I’ve used to calm myself down has started to not work especially when I’m in worry-mode. So I learned of a technique from Dr. Christiane Northrop where your breathe in love (or your desired outcome) then instead of breathing out slowly like in yoga, you do a short blow out your nose. It’s silly but really helps to stop the negative thoughts and almost puts a ‘period’ at the end of the sentence you can be done with it.
  2. Every moment is here to serve you. This attitude shift really helps to make sense of crazy, bad experiences because those happened to you for a reason…and the reason is that you are meant to growth. Grow as a mom, woman, and human. Even the kid-demanded, mind-numbing 41,078 viewing of What Does the Fox Say is here to serve you. Ever since I shifted my thinking about  mundane experiences with my kids, I take the chance to make it a teaching experience. So I ask them to act out the video, or tell me about the animals and it sparks the cutest conversation between my 2 and 4 year girls. Now I welcome that song…well, maybe not welcome it, more like tolerate it. Hattie Hattie Hattie Ho!
  3. Nap. Walk. Art. Music. What do they have in common? They recharge my battery. And they are a MUST when feeling down or stuck in a rut.
  4. Allowing. My biggest lesson of the week was not just trusting my intuition but not let other affect my emotions. I always know the right answer for my family but not letting other affect my decision is the real work. The best way I was able to do that was to rally my supportive girlfriends and feel in my body the feeling of peace. This week I did this through journaling, walking, and enjoying this amazing sunshine. Sorry Chicago.

The elephant goes toot!

How do you stand in your truth and not let other affect your decision?

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